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5 Shops that will amaze you

When the summer begins it’s all about relax and doing everything you like. Some people like calm activities like just lie on the beach while others like to do something more active. Shopping is a great choice for such a people and if you found it a little bit banal you can improve this experience by visiting some unique shops. Don’t know where to find such? Best Design Guides are here to help you. We prepared a list of 5 most amazing shops you can find in the world. Let’s start!

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Apple store in New York

This a like a mecca of geekdom and when you get her you are immediately overtaken by the clear cube décor and levitating Apple logo. Not only is this store jam-packed with all the iGadget’s you’s ever want, it’s a certifiable madhouse for shoppers and geniuse alike.


Kirk Originals in London

It’s a British eyewear design company which is famous because of their the coolest and the craziest eyewear. And, of course, while opening their shop, they were force to be creative as well. Because of this now now you can see a lot of eyes gazing at you when you visit this store.



The HITGallery in Hong Kong

If you are retro and minimalism lover, you will be grinning from ear-to-ear when seeing this amazing store. It looks like a mini retro heaven. This clean retail concept is the brain child of Milan-based designer Fabio Novembre and is the multi-brand store for the Italian-based fashion house.



Pave in Barcelona

If you imagine bike shop you usually come up with idea of it looking like a sleek industrial space. But it’s nothing like that when you visit Pave bike shop in Barcelona. Described as a “cathedral-like shrine” to all things bicycle, if this shop isn’t cool then nothing is.


The Wine Retailer in Roosendaal

This shop was created to be a shop within a shop. Designer’s purpose was to ensure that each bottle be displayed so that to eliminate handling the bottles.


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So shopping for sure can be not only pleasant but entertaining as well. Visiting some of them can be new sort of fun when you know the spot to visit.

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