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5 strangest hotels in the world

5 strangest hotels in the world ⇒ Looking for extraordinary accommodation to make your summer holidays unforgettable? Best design guides prepared you a list of hotels that can fulfil this requirement. From the hotel that looks like an airplane till the one that is shaped like a doughnut – there is nothing ordinary about these, we can assure you!


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Costa Verde, Costa Rica

It’s so good to sleep on the plane, that Costa Vered team decided to turn this feeling into way longer experience. They transported and refurbished a 1965 vintage Boeing 727 and created a fantastic two-bedroom suite on a coastal rainforest bluff. What can be better place for your honeymoon or other important celebrations? Moreover, it is built quite high, so you can really feel like flying looking out of the window.


Floor Category

V8 Hotel, Boblingen, Germany

Another great sleep occurs during the car trips and guess want entrepreneurs had thought about this as well! The V8 Hotel has 34 car-themed bedrooms, including Mercedes, Morris Minor and VW versions, with cars made into beds, plus car wash, mechanic’s workshop and petrol station-style rooms. What a perfect place to stay if you real cars fan.


The “Doughnut Hotel”, China

It looks like all the hotels creators took a lot into what people really do like and builted a hotels out of it. This time it’s giant donut. Who don’t like donuts? A giant one was probably possible just in our dreams. But it’s just till now, because one of the most creative architecture Ma Yansong built huge Donut shaped hotel named Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort. The newly opened resort actually consists of three buildings, two of which curve to form a 27-storey torus that towes over Taihu Lake, West of Shanghai.


Hayema Heerd, Oldehove, The Netherlands

Sleeping in barn doesn’t look like the best experience while having your holidays. But this point of view does not fit, if you know about Hans & Wil Hoogeboom’s hotel in the Netherlands. There are straw bed in a hayloft dorm, or a “straw castle” with drapes around the bed, chandeliers and soft cow skins on the floor. The owners have even created a straw igloo with a clear glass central viewing panel so that guests can see the stars while lying in their beds.


Sala Silvermine, central Sweden

After these kind of pleasant experience, sleeping 155 metres underground can sound terrible, but when you are sleeping in comfortable heated rooms features silver vandelabra and silver leather chairs it looks not so bad anymore. Although in the corridors it’s cold, you shouldn’t miss the chance to brag to your friends about sleeping in the world’s deepest bedroom.


If sleeping in the usual room with a sea view looks boring for you then take an action and book your amazing strangest apartment right away.




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