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AD Top 100

A Tribute to AD Top 100 Architects and Interior Designers (Part 1)

The present article will be a tribute piece for those who were selected by Architectural Digest as the AD Top 100 Architects and Interior Designers to follow next year. This nomination is a recognition of their works during the current year.

AD Top 100

It’s important to note that these artists are changing the world we live due to their astonishing works performed worldwide, which include residential designs, hotel and resorts projects, public buildings or other types of projects. Come with us to check it out!

AD Top 100


Kelly Wearstler

Well-known for her lively and colorful compositions, Kelly Wearstler knows how to seamlessly combine bold textures with vivid colors while telling a full story of luxury and satisfaction: “I want to tell evocative, adventurous, soulful stories.” Her client list ranges from Cameron Diaz to Gwen Stefani, among others.

AD Top 100

Bilhuber and Associates

Bilhuber and Associates can be identified as a traditional design studio while incorporates modern technics and designs. Jeffrey Bilhuber’s designs reflect the way we live, nowadays.  To them, it is essential to have a passion for decorative arts and any creation should always reflect a global or individual histories. David Bowie was one of the most distinguished clients of the firm, as well as Mariska Hargitay.

AD Top 100

Cullman & Kravis Inc.

Ellie Cullman founded Cullman & Kravis Inc. in 1984 with the main objective of “redefining traditional design.” At Cullman & Kravis Inc.’s website, she wrote: “We collaborate closely with our clients to realize their aesthetic ideas and practical needs while adhering to their established budgets.”

AD Top 100

M (Group)

M (Group) is a prestigious company very well-known by its eye-catching creations, that is led by Hermes Mallea and Carey Maloney. The M Group’s main purpose is to create gorgeous and magnificent residences, for instance, they are currently designing, planning and implementing the restoration of a 19th-century Hudson Valley Home in Mexico.

AD Top 100

Michael S. Smith Inc.

Recently, Michael S. Smith Inc. launched three exclusive outdoor collections of furniture for Brown Jordan. The designers described the design methodology and philosophy as “pure classical design traditions with unexpected elements.” This year, Smith was awarded the 2016 Sorolla Medal for promoting Spanish arts.

AD Top 100

Stephen Sills Associates

Stephen Sills Associates’s design signature is to perform and develop creative designs according to the clients’ needs and wants. When asked about what the future holds, Sills said, “A return to living with antiquities, and more modern, multicolor rooms.” Legend Tina Turner is one of his most prestigious clients.

AD Top 100

Studio Peregalli

The Studio is directed by Laura Sartoni Rimini and Roberto Peregalli. They major strategies for them pass through the creation of nostalgic elements that may help to understand the past and the curiosity about the present and the future. Their portfolio counts with the design of an apartment for Vogue’s Hamish Bowles in Manhattan and a luxurious penthouse in Tel Aviv.

AD Top 100

Studio Sofield Inc.

Regarding his own technique, Sofield said that “I am grounded by all forms of craft as articulated through functionality, personality, and value.” So as to understand his statement, you can see how coherently his design of Tom Ford’s flagship store in Miami, truly is. His upcoming projects will be represented by an individual and idiosyncratic outlook.

AD Top 100

Thad Hayes Inc.

The New York-based interior design studio firm has a unique point: “Our philosophy has always been to find the ordinary in the unique, rare, and beautiful and seamlessly work that into our perfectly proportioned and tailored interiors,” said Thad Hayes.

AD Top 100

Alidad Ltd.

Alidad Mahloudji prefers to design decorative textiles, lavishing textures, and mid-century furnishings. Most of all, the designer distinguish himself by creating products full of comfort and opulence.

AD Top 100

François Catraux

Catraux’s technique results in a combination of discipline, clarity, and glamor. His top clients are Diane von Furstenberg, Princess Marie-Chantal and Prince Pavlos of Greece. For his next projects, the designer will be focusing more on art itself instead of decoration.

AD Top 100

Francis Sultana

Sultana emphasizes that his style revolves around “sophisticated luxury built on noble materials, quality, and craftsmanship.” He has chosen the Heydar Aliyev Center designed by Zaha Hadid Architects as his favorite architectural project. The Interior designer is also looking forward to working on traditional techniques, such as marquetry and églomise.

AD Top 100

Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam Ltd.

Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen’s style lies on mixing the affluent perspectives of traditional designs with unforeseen aspects. The duo often operates with moody metallics and glossy surfaces.

AD Top 100

Laplace Studio

Laplace Studio was founded in 2004 in Paris by the Franco-Argentine Luis Laplace and Christophe Comoy. Laplace combines modern simplicity with great elegance through the perfect use of space and light and their design concept is based on local cultures and traditions, the wise and careful selection of materials and color as well as the passion for art and craftsmanship. The design of an amazing beach house in Mallorca was one of the projects responsible for this inclusion in AD Top 100 Interior Designers to follow in 2017.

AD Top 100

Robert Kime Design

Robert Kime distinguish himself by the creation of a wide range of patterns and smallest details, Kime is able to create an everlasting sensation in fairly new rooms. He is also recognized for his classic English creations with slight hints of exoticism and worldwide textiles. He is currently adding more material to his collections of fabrics and wallpapers.

AD Top 100


Ilse Crawford is responsible for the luxury interiors design studio and for her, the design “is all about designing spaces that prioritize the immeasurable values, that make the normal special and make us feel alive.” Ultimately, the creative director finds fundamental to create comfortable places in any kind of environment.

AD Top 100

Décoration Jacques Garcia

“I am, before everything, a creator of atmospheres.” – these were the words of the Parisian architect and interior designer, Jacques Garcia about his philosophy on creating art. Garcia designed the Wolfgang Puck’s Cut restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York.

AD Top 100

Tino Zervudachi & Associés

Throughout as a polished style designer, Tino was responsible for projects such as a chalet in Gstaad and a villa in Athens. His designs are extremely eclectic and bohemian.

AD Top 100

“The New Traditionalist – Savvy interpreters of the past who breathe new life into the tried and true”

AD Top 100

Brian J. McCarthy Inc.

Specialized in the creation of high-end residential projects, McCarthy believes, like many other prominent designers that a design should reflect the clients’ being while also being spontaneous.

AD Top 100

Ashe + Leandro

Ashe + Leandro is a design firm dedicated to crafting spaces that innovate by virtue of experience, instinct, ingenuity, and humor. Learn more about this fantastic interior designer and meet outstanding projects.

AD Top 100

Ben Pentreath Ltd.

Ben Pentreath combines a strong use of color, pattern, and classical detail with bold contemporary fabric and furniture: ensuring that the room is just right for both the client and the building.

AD Top 100

Ingrao Inc.

The interior design company is led by Tony Ingrao and Randy Kemper. Essentially, their style could be described as distinctive and avant-garde. Happening quite soon, the partners want to add more outdoor green spaces to the urban lifestyle.

AD Top 100


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