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Interior Design Trends 5 Moodboards Inspired by Top Designers

Interior Design Trends: 5 Moodboards Inspired by Top Designers

Interior Design Trends: 5 Moodboards Inspired by Top Designers ⇒ The top interior designers in the world are always one of our biggest inspirations. Today, Best Design Guides brings you 5 inspirational moodboards inspired by the work of the best interior designers, ranging from contemporary to more mid-century modern. Enjoy!


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Interior Design Trends 5 Moodboards Inspired by Top Designers

Founded by Richard Petit and Stephen Hunt in 2002, The Archers is a team of designers, architects, artists and cinephiles based in Los Angeles, California. The studio’s work comprises buildings, interiors and furnishings for private homes and public spaces. On this Moodboard you’ll find incredible design pieces like the amazing pillows from BRABBU or the powerful Lallan II Center Table, also by BRABBU.




Interior Design Trends 5 Moodboards Inspired by Top Designers

Francis Sultana is a guru of design. His work is recognizable for the level of uniqueness. Francis distinguishes his work on the use of limited edition pieces and one of a kind art deco objects. Francis Sultana is the go-to interior designer for international collectors, many of whom have major contemporary art and design collections. Loved for his unique ability to merge the residential requirements of a domestic space with often large scale visual art, sculpture and installation pieces, his studio is working on projects from the UK and across Europe, the US and Russia. This Moodboard features some amazing pieces that could work in a Francis Sultana environment like the Wave Coffee Table or the Bonsai Dining Table, both by Boca do Lobo.

Interior Design Trends 5 Moodboards Inspired by Top Designers

Based in London, Kelly Hoppen is clearly an icon and one of the most celebrated interior designers in the world. With a differentiating signature style and over 40 years of experience, the interior designer is known for the idea of giving the most personalized and proper interiors for the client’s lifestyle. She is known for her neutral palette in her projects and on this Moodboard you can see just that! Some of the products highlighted include the stunning Novak Sofa by Essential Home or the exquisite Eden Side Table by Boca do Lobo

Interior Design Trends 5 Moodboards Inspired by Top Designers

Born in Oviedo, Spain, but living in Italy, Patricia Urquiola is a famous interior designer, architect, and designer. She is known internationally thanks to her great designs that are suitable for so many projects. She also works a lot with known furniture companies such as Molteni or Boffi. Urquiola’s work is widely known to be playful and poetic, yet pragmatic and functional, a creative combination that is the magic behind her work. She comes and goes through conventional time – rethinking, reinventing, and creating new. The effect is a powerful reminder of the past and exploration into the now, always creating a new experience for the user. In this living room Moodboard, we highlight the use of some amazing pieces that mimic the style of Urquiola like the amazing Abbey Suspension Lamp by DelightFULL.


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Interior Design Trends 5 Moodboards Inspired by Top Designers

Sasha Bikoff’s aesthetic can be described as a combination between 18th Century French Rococo mixed with 1960s Space Age Modern, 1970s French Modernism and 1980s Italian Memphis Milano – which she executes with colourful fabrics and rare antiques. It is a combination that highlights the best of the best from the coveted aesthetics of New York, the Hamptons, Miami, Palm Beach and Palm Springs. Using a keen understanding of design and culture, Sasha Bikoff is surely a bright star in the interior design universe. In this Moodboard, we highlight some amazing products that could be used in any Bikoff project like the Florence Stool by Essential Home or the powerful Fitzroy Sofa by BRABBU.

We hope you’re inspired by these moodboards and interior design trends!




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