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Toronto (CANADA) – City Guide

Well, if you´re thinking to visit Canada, there’s a place where you definitely must go: Toronto. This is a multicultural city, where you’ll find a large diversity of art and cultures. From everyone who has been there, I just hear that Toronto is a clean and safe city and that the art in there is colorful and funny, exactly like the stores and houses doors. People return from their trips to Toronto inspired, with a big smile and extremely interested in art. With me it happens to be the same.But this Canadian city has so much more than good art… The food it is spectacular (maybe owing to the ethnical diversities), as well as the restaurants that serve it. The nightclubs are awesome, mainly the jazz ones. I think that Toronto goes very well with jazz, and don’t ask me to explain it. I just feel it. And to prove you all that there’s good food in Toronto indeed, and that the places are very welcoming and relaxing, here are my suggestions:

Yours Truly (229 OSSINGTON STREET) – this place was considered the Best New Restaurant 2012 by the Toronto Life site (torontolife.com).
Acadia (50C CLINTON STREET) – the second place of the New Restaurant 2012 contest was taken by this restaurant. “Acadia Restaurant & Bar invites you to indulge in a culture of creaky porches, lazy ceiling fans, southern food, inspired brews and craft cocktails”, they say in their internet site.
Ciao Wine Bar (133 YORKVILLE AVE) – if you want to have a great Italian experience, you have to go there. And I’m talking about gastronomy, of course. This is a rustic cozy place, with a great food and wine menu. You definitely have to try it.
The County General (936 QUEEN STREET WEST) – either you’re looking for a place to have lunch, dinner, or a Sunday brunching, this is the place. Spectacular cocktails will also not miss, and they have an excellent take out service that works permanently.
Pure Spirit (17 TANK LANE) – fresh fish or oysters are always my choice in this place. And please, don’t judge this book by its cover, because in here the food taste better that it appears.
Bounjour Brioche (812 QUEEN STREET EAST)–the best bakery cafe that I’ve tried in the entire city.
Mercatto – there are 3 mercattos around Toronto. Classy and elegant places with pastas and pizzas that will make you cry for more.
Reds Wine Tavern
(77 ADELAIDE STREET WEST) – Ryan Gallagher is the Executive Chef of the REDS, and he never let a costumer leaves disappointed.
Shopsy’s Deli Restaurant & Catering
– you can find it on Centre Island and at Richmond West. They have excellent flavors and very good prices. What more can we ask?
Bar One
(924 QUEEN STREET WEST) – the perfect spot to finish your day: jazz, blues and chill-out music.I bet you agree with me when I say that in every trip, we need to do some shopping. Therefore, here are a list of the best spots to buy your souvenirs, clothes and other stuff.
Zig Zag (985 QUEEN STREET EAST)– in this store you will find nice furniture, lightning and home accessories.
Up to you
(1483 QUEEN STREET EAST) – a design boutique where you will find avant-gard decoration objects.
Urban Mode
(145 TECUMSETH STREET)– modern accessories for your home and furniture that will hold your breath.
Commute home
(367 DUPONT STREET) – you will have to see it to believe it. You’ll not take all the furniture and lightning with you just because it won’t fit on the plane.
QuasiModo (789 QUEEN STREET WEST) – all you need for your home you will find here.
Timmie (867 QUEEN STREET WEST and 1178 QUEEN STREET EAST) – they are the “doggie outfitters” and you will find some incredible stuff for your dogs and cats. I fell in love with their services and products but also with their space. It is amazing!
But even with all the shopping you can´t forget to breathe some art. And this city has several places to visit.
Toronto Free Gallery (1277 BLOOR STREET WEST) – They aim “to provide artists with a space to experiment, explore new ideas, question norms and challenge both themselves and their audiences.”
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Toronto Free Gallery


Channel Gallery (55 MILL STREET).
MOCCA – Museum of contemporary Canadian Art
(952 QUEEN STREET WEST) – this amazing place promote innovative art by Canadian and international artists.

All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.”

I think we are forgetting something. Didn’t you? If you want to visit this lovely country, you need to choose a place to stay, first. There’s why I will suggest you a few ones.
Park Hyatt Toronto (4 AVENUE ROAD) perfectly located, this is a 5-star hotel that offers very good conditions and activities.
The Ritz Carlton Toronto
(181 WELLINGTON STREET WEST)aluxury hotel in downtown Toronto. The facilities are spectacular. This is a classic, for the ones who want to spend money.
Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto
(325 BAY STREET)another luxury hotel.A wonderful place to stay. The outside building is modern and beautiful, as well as the inside.
Hotel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square
(75 BREMNER BOULEVARD)for a different type of wallets, this hotel has more accessible prices.
The Drake Hotel
(1150 QUEEN STREET WEST)I’d say it is a creative hotel, a hotel for the artists.

What not to miss: The Yonge Street (highway 11) that’s considered by many the longest street on the world.

All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.”

Well, I hope I have helped. Have fun. You just have to love Toronto.

All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.


Cesária Castro

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