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Top 5 Must-do things in Sydney

Best design guides always keeps its promises and are ready to guide you while your visit in Australia. As Sydney is the most popular city in Australia, it should be your first destination. And not only because of that. Soon you will realize that Sydney attracts not without the reason. It’s a perfect place to spend some quality time.

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The Sydney Opera House

Probably the most famous Australia’s icon The Sydney Opera House is a tremendous example of amazing architectural design and engineering. It fulfill already marvelous and scenic Sydney’s Harbour. A structure that was formed out of a rare combination of innovation, creativity and controversy, the Opera House now host to over 1.500 performances that draw audiences of around 1.2 million people each year.


Sydney Botanic Gardens

If you try to get away from busy city life, it’s a perfect place to spend the day in. You can day dream while passing amazing views of the harbor or indulged yourself with immaculately-maintained greenery and see the endless array of plants, trees and more all of which are accompanied by signs with detailed information on each species of flora on display.


Jenolan Caves

2.5 hour drive from the heart of Sydney, you will one of the top must-do things in Sydney – an amazing mixture of 11 spectacular show caves, pure underground rivers and amazing rock formations. A remarkable cave system that ranks amongst the finest and most ancient in the world.


The Blue Mountains

The greatest escape from a rush-rush city life and indulged yourself with a great combination of spectacular scenery, wildlife, plants and the clean freshness of mountain air. The Blue Mountains is another great gift of Sydney region. It is situated in approximately 90 minutes from Sydney’s city center and can suggest the greatest color amplitude from greenery of bush and wildlife to blue-haze horizon from a top of the mountain.


Bondi Beach 

One of the most popular beaches in Australia with a great white sand and clean water even though it’s not so far from a city centre. It’s recently get in to the top 10 of nicest Australian beaches almost purely for cultural impact reasons. But the popularity of it, had its side effect. Many people flock here and it gets quite crowded at times.


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Even though Sydney is a big and crowded city, it has many nature’s treasures to offer. So don’t miss the chance to enjoy some unexpected spectacular views Sydney can offer.

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