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The Most Expensive Vacation Places

Summer has come! It is high tine for summer holidays! Have you ever wondered how much money you would need to take the most expensive vacation destination in the world? The following list will give you a few options, as Best Design Guides compiled some of the most outrageously expensive vacation spots and luxury perks on our planet.

Helen’s Tower – Scottish Highlands

best-design-guides-The-Most-Expensive-Vacation-Places-Helen’s-Tower – Scottish-Highlandsbest-design-guides-The-Most-Expensive-Vacation-Places-Helen’s-Tower – Scottish-Highlands

For a peek inside the life of Scotland’s royalty, 40 wealthy guests can spend a week in this castle for a “moderate” price of $76,314. Overlooking the North Sea, Helen’s Tower is a truly spectacular lodging experience which offers fully catered meals with local produce, as well as golf, horseback riding, fishing, and shooting.

Cayo Espanto in Belize


This miniscule four-acre island is located just off Belize’s mainland and offers one of the most valuable commodities today: privacy. For $1,295 per night you can rent one of 7 available villas and for $11,000 gather some friends and rent the entire island! The all-inclusive package features a personal chef, personal dive master, butler and all the pampering you can imagine.

Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens, Greece


For demanding billionaires only, this resort charges $50,000 per night for its Royal Villa, which includes some of the most exclusive service in the world. Apart from heated pools, steam rooms, a private beach, marina, butlers, chefs, and a personal pianist, the Grand Resort Lagonissi pulls out all the stops to satisfy its guests.

Frégate Island Resort – Seychelles


Are you the nature lovers looking for a tropical paradise? Yes? This is probably one of the best options. Frégate is one of Seychelles jungle-covered, white beach islands. Not only is its landscape truly abashing, with giant tortoises and banyan trees everywhere, but the resort also offer a deluxe luxury deal to tourists. 2,700 Euros will guarantee you one of 17 villas for one night, as well as the additional daytime activities like windsurfing and hiking.

Badrutt’s Palace in St. Moritz, Switzerland


Buried in the town that held the 1928 Winter Olympics, this hotel charges $5,427 per night for a luxury suite with all its amenities. Apart from the wellness spa, fitness center and French restaurant, guests can live out their inner Olympian by engaging in activities like toboganning, half-pip snowboarding, torch-light skiing, and vertical ice-wall climbing.

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palms Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada

best-design-guides-The-Most-Expensive-Vacation-Places-Hugh-Hefner-Sky-Villa-Palms-Casino-Las-Vegas- Nevada

If being rich were the equivalent to being extravagant, then this would be the perfect lodging experience for wealthy Vegas-lovers. At a soaring price of $34,000 per night you can feel like Kanye West and live like a true playboy. The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa includes a gym, media room, dining room, sauna, spa, rotating bed, poker table and 24/7 butler service. But the real gem is the outdoor terrace with its $700,000 Jacuzzi overlooking the Las Vegas.

What do you think about this collection of the most expensive destination spots? Where would you go?

Source – Insider monkey

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