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The best independent art galleries in Paris

As Paris Haute Couture is taking place this week, it’s the best time to visit this beautiful city. And if you a real art lover, you should prepare some entertaining activities during your stay. Due to this, Best Design guides suggest you a guidelines for the most stunning independent galleries in town.

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Galerie Xippas

The gallery is a continuation of many others across Greece, Switzerland, Uruguay and as in France. Galeries Xippas has the idea to become an international platform for contemporary forms. Created in 1990 by Renos Xippas, the gallery space is one of the largest dedicated to fresh and established artists across Paris. The place itself has some distinctive architectural features such as a transparent staircase and ghost wall. It gallery is located in the vibrant Marais area.


La Marechalerie

If you have some more time to spend, you can escape the Paris and go to Versailles where this extraordinary gallery is situated. It is easy accessible by mainline train services and bus. Years ago it was just the passage way, through which striking, full bay windows you can look to the Castle or to the town. And now it’s  gallery which prioritises artists whose work is dedicated to, or inspired by, ways of diverting or reconfiguring circumstantial urban constraints.


La Maison Rouge

The name of the gallery means red house. But don’t be misled by the name. Instead of seeing red space, all the galleries take place in the bright white space. The founder of the space was Antoine de Galbert who was driven by the need to feature a spectrum of new contemporary artists. This gallery shows only temporary collections and it can be monographic shows like experimental displays from independent curators or private art collections.


Agnes B – Galerie du Jour

Often missed because of being in shadow of famous Centre Pompidou and Agnes B is the owner and a media face for this artistic space. Featuring about ten different shows per year, the gallery has quietly become renowned for its mix of cherry-picked painters, photographers and sculptors.


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So there are 4 amazing galleries to visit, you just need to plan your time and make sure that your Paris experience would be worth to remember.

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