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Salone del Mobile 2019 Transforms Design With Workplace3.0

Salone del Mobile 2019 Transforms Design With Workplace3.0

Salone del Mobile 2019 Transforms Design With Workplace3.0 ⇒ Salone del Mobile 2019 will, once again, include the Workplace3.0 space with a new, wide-ranging and crosscutting exhibition format from 9th to 14th April. It will illustrate the evolution of the concept of the workspace, right now, even better, a hybrid space where duty and pleasure, professional and personal go hand in hand. The 2019 edition of Workplace3.0 will debut with a new exhibition format. The 52 exhibiting companies will make their liquid and hybrid presence felt throughout the fairgrounds, another way of underscoring their mission to promote experimentation in design. Best Design Guides shows you all you need to know about one of the biggest design events of 2019.


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Salone del Mobile 2019 Transforms Design With Workplace3.0

This new exhibition format is a genuine reflection of the social transformation of the workspace into a flexible, permeable and dynamic area, ripe for professional interaction and engagement with other day-to-day activities. Workplace3.0 will act as a think tank for exploring and understanding future and necessary changes to collective spaces, a catalyst for developing ideas responding to new market demands. The exhibition will showcase the top design solutions for supply, reception and working areas.

Salone del Mobile 2019 Transforms Design With Workplace3.0

Along with business opportunities, Workplace3.0 will provide a 360° overview of the interior design of new working environments: stimulating, varied and creative areas that put the amalgamation of office, home interiors and public space into practice. Rigid and hierarchically organised spaces will give way to a more dynamic approach, with real-time smart, transformable and adaptable furnishings to suit every need: objects that are versatile, hard wearing and functional enough for work but are equally good looking enough to be used as domestic or decorative solutions. Tactile, textured materials, fabrics, finishes and colours that make workspaces feel less cold and more comfortable, like one’s own living space. That’s not all. The office is destined to filter into public spaces, from airport lounges to hotels and restaurants, especially with the professional affirmation of the millennials and generation Z. The design response is to adopt a more ‘playful’ and ‘social’ approach.

Salone del Mobile 2019 Transforms Design With Workplace3.0

Within this macro-context, Workplace3.0 can be summarised in the following keywords:

Liquid Space. The office as a deconstructed space without fixed workstations, where the flexibility of movable partitions and the furnishings themselves ensure that it can be adapted easily and quickly as required. This can be achieved with products such as individual and modular upholstered used to create islands, linear or curved compositions or modules that can also function as work surfaces or occasional chairs, room dividers or for filing and storage purposes. Traditional desks seem to have become almost obsolete, giving way to large sofas, which make up the focal point of the new working order, especially in public spaces.

Salone del Mobile 2019 Transforms Design With Workplace3.0

Privacy. In today’s flexible and open work environments, companies and designers must not lose sight of the need for privacy and concentration. Soundproofing and dedicated focus work areas will be guaranteed by phone booths and discrete spaces, or in the form of seating for one or more person, designed like office capsules and equipped with accessories such as electric plugs, USB ports and work surfaces.

Smart Office. Increasingly cutting edge technology is integrated into furnishing elements and the structural components of the space, allowing for rapid connection and constant exchange of information. However, it will no longer be on show, becoming soft tech.

Salone del Mobile 2019 Transforms Design With Workplace3.0

Worker-centred design. A great deal of attention these days is paid to the correct balance of natural and artificial light in working environments, to the choice of healthy furnishing materials, proper ventilation and noise insulation to prevent stressful situations. Areas devoted to relaxation are becoming ever more popular, in the form of pods or rest areas with couches, and spaces fitted with sporting and recreational equipment, where people can recharge their batteries, boosting concentration and encouraging inspiration.

Don’t forget to visit Workplace3.0 while at Salone del Mobile 2019.



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