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Italian Interior Design – You’ll Love These Instagram Accounts

What is interior design for you? Who are your inspirational icons or brands? Where you find your daily inspiration? Are you a designer aficionado? Did you know the trends in Italian interior design?

If you are interested in the Italian interior design and trends you must follow these Instagram accounts! We discover a selection of Instagram profiles to stay in touch with the trendy works and icons personalities of the area. 

Though the styles of these designers may vary, they all share certain traits: a love for craftsmanship, an eye for curation and a passion for materials. These designers know how to elevate a space without overdressing it. And quality is always king.

Get inspired!


Her style is heavily based on observation and research, mixing in old and new and exploring many variations between scale and small inventions with the purpose of creating new messages and meanings.

Born in Pordenone in 1980, Cristina Celestino worked in several areas of architecture, before finally focusing her attention to interior design and architecture. With that, she moved to Milan in 2009 where she created “Attico”, her own design brand which mainly focused on the conception of lamps and furnishings production. Among other relevant highlights of her career, we can point to her part in Salone Satellite in 2012 as well as her design of “The Happy Room” for Fendi in 2016.

italian interior design
italian interior design
italian interior design

Originally from the north of Italy, Vincenzo De Cotiis set up his design practice more than 20 years ago and is known for his fully textured, ruggedly limited-edition and custom furniture wich balance icon modernist materials with less usual ones.

In his last work, De Cottis was challenged to design, from the ground up, a residence for a couple who are avid collectors of art, objects, and vintage 20th- century furnishings. The final result is Brutalist Architecture in Outskirts of Milan!

Cabinets GIF Boca do Lobo

The minds behind of one the greatest Milan interior designers studio, Dimore Studio, want to bring back a 1970 interior design style to our days. Inspired by its eclectic Italian design furniture and art deco, they want to give a plus for new projects. 

italian interior design

Rossana Orlandi is a household name in the worlds of fashion and design. Since its opening in 2002, the Galleria Rossana Orlandi has become a must-see spot in Milan for all design lovers, being considered one the best platforms for avant-garde design!

italian interior design

Studiopepe first came to be in 2006 founded by the design duo Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto. Know more about this Milanese furniture brand here.

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