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North Italy: One day in Bologna

Don’t think we forgot to guide you in North Italy. If you are already in Italy, enjoying EXPO 2015, you might will be willing to add some spice to your journey with a few other directions besides Milan. We already talked about what to do if you are visiting Florence or Venice for one day. And now it’s the high time for Bologna. So get ready and Best design guides will reveal you some nice ideas how to spend amazing day in Bologna.

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Asinelli Tower

At the heart of the city, you will find Bologna’s greatest leaning tower. It is an old one, so while walking up its teetering stairs, you’ll definitely feel like you’re on an adventure. The wooden stairs are narrow and all that separates you from a tumble below is a thin wooden railing, but it’s worth doing because of the beautiful scenery you will be pleased to.


Traditional balsamic vinegar

Try traditional Bologna’s vinegar, which is not at all like the one that we are used to buy in the super markets. It is thick and delicious, and you need only few drops to enhance the taste of your dish. Moreover, while to do this vinegar takes minimum 7 years, his cost can be more than 100 euro per bottle.

Parmigiano Reggiano

Parma is just a short train ride from Bologna, so you shouldn’t miss the chance to try real Parmigiano Reggianno cheese, which is like vinegar, prepared  with tender and love, aged for two years and hand rotated on a daily basis to evenly distribute the flavour.


Western World‘s Oldest University

Back to the bbeginningof the century Bologna was progressive city and not surprisingly had the first University of the Western world. So don‘t miss this monumental opportunity.



Enjoy 45 kilometres of archways which was built here together with the houses for student‘s at the raise of University.


Piazza Maggiore

This is the main plaza of Bologna and it include many monumental buildings such as Basilica of San Petronio. This church was meant to be the largest church in the world, but when the Vatican caught wind of the construction they put a halt to that.

best-design-guides-north-italy-one-day-in-bologna-piazza maggiore

Time for Aperitivo!

One special thing about Bologna’s restaurants and bars – as well as you kept a full glass, you could keep on eating. Yes, you heard right. At 6 pm when most of the bars opens you can order traditional drinks like Spritz, Prosecco (white sparkling wine) or lambrusco (red sparkling wine). And with this you can eat how much snacks as you want. The options varies from pizza and sliders to full of buffets with pasta, cheese, risottos and meats.




Gelato is traditional ice creams of Italy and you shouldn’t came back from Italy without trying this. Why it’s the best to try it in Bologna? Because it’s home to the foremost Gelato Machine company in the world and because of this has many authentic gelato shops all over the city.


Bologna’s Market

Bologna is full of markets, it even can be called markets city. There are all kind of markets like clothing, antiques and most definitely food. Here you of course will find traditional balsamic, cured meats, parmigiano reggiano and fresh fruits and vegetables.

best-design-guides-north-italy-one-day-in-bologna-1 best-design-guides-north-italy-one-day-in-bologna-market

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Bologna is full of all kind of experiences: from amazing food to oldest and biggest monuments. So don’t forget to include this amazing city in your North Italy travel tour.

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