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Must-do things in Barcelona

Barcelona is said to be one of the most artistic cities in Europe. It’s a perfect summer holiday destination as it combines such pleasures like art, architecture and entertainment combined with hot weather and beaches. If you are willing to see Gaudi’s art for a long time and are just not brave enough to do that, let’s give you some inspiration. The Best Design Guides prepared must-do things list in Barcelona!

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Gaudi and modernism

All the Barcelona’s  most popular pictures includes some Gaudi buildings and modernist architecture. There is no doubts that visiting Barcelona it should be the first thing you do. But what exactly should be seen? Okey, there is Sagrada Familia, which is impressive outside as well as inside. Park Guell is a spaces that looks like out of a fairy tale and emulates an English garden city and the last one in top three is La Pedrera. But don’t be stopped just by those three. There lots more which often do not get so much attention in the guidebooks like Paualu Guell, Casa Batllo, Torre Bellesguard, Casa Vicens.

best-design-guides-must-do-things-in-barselona-gaudi best-design-guides-must-do-things-in-barselona-sagrada-familia-1

Pathways of Picasso’s youth

Picasso spent here is early years and it can be really useful to follow the ways he was walking in order to get some inspiration. So what you have to do is walk down c/Reina Christina and then cross over to number 3 on C/Merce to see where his family lived, though the building was later destroyed. Stop at Els 4 Gats and try to imagine that this places some years ago was the one where Picasso and Salvador Dali gathered for a chat or dinner. And finally, visit the Museu Picasso, which store the works of his formative years.


Enjoy Barselona’s cuisine

One culinary trend that keeps going on in Barcelona is Pintxos. It’s a plate of bite-sized goodies served on a bread. There are all the kind of tapas, but if you want to try something special, go ahead to Euskal Etxea. Here you can get empanadillas (pie filled with meat or fish), pintxos made of chicken tempura with saffron mayonnaise, melted provolone with mango and ham and a mini-brochette of pork. Thinking with what to wash everything down? Try vermouth. Here it’s really unique. Much stronger than the one from the shops, so you should have the limits with it.



Artistic places to enjoy

Walking around in Barcelona is not only for relaxation, we can say it’s lot more about discovering something new. You just go to the lush garden and out of nowhere you find the Teatre Grec. Then there is museum that is hard to miss Fundacio Joan Miro. Why is that? Because it’s one of the biggest in the world and has over 225 paitings, 150 sculptures and more. But if time is a limit for you, start with a best one – MNAC (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya) which represent Catalan art from the Romanesque period to the mid-20th century.

best-design-guides-must-do-things-in-barselona-theatre-grec best-design-guides-must-do-things-in-barselona-theatre-grec-jardins

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Now that you have options to consider, hope you will miss the doubts is Barcelona worth visiting. Just pack your luggage and go ahead to the heart of Spain!

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