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Incredible Design Pieces You Should Look Out For

Incredible Design Pieces You Should Look Out For ⇒ Best Design Guides is here to help through your design journey. Today we bring you some incredible design pieces, from contemporary design to mid-century modern, that will certainly inspire you. Enjoy!



Eden Center Table

Incredible Design Pieces You Should Look Out For

Here’s a centre table that will surely catch everyone’s attention thanks to its incredible design. Eden will paint your dreams gold forever. Welcome to the garden of elegance and desire made of polished casted brass, with a delicately engraved top exposing the heart of a golden tree to the very heart of your home.

Galliano Wall Lamp

Incredible Design Pieces You Should Look Out For

The Galliano wall lamp is a special lighting piece, featuring a minimalist style that allows it to fit in almost any home decor. Galliano produces a unique lighting effect in which the light is cast through Galliano’s tubes, creating a smooth lighting effect. Simple but bold, always.

Diamond Big Mirror

Incredible Design Pieces You Should Look Out For

Diamond is a full-length version of the diamond-shaped wall mirror, covering about 70 inches of the wall. Since it is crafted in a polished brass structure, it produces a tall sleek design, merging geometry and design on the same object. Mid-century modern anyone?

Monochrome Console Table

Incredible Design Pieces You Should Look Out For

A demonstration of imagination, strong design skills and combined exceptional craftsmanship, the Monochrome console table is a remarkable piece that stands out in any room or setting due to its incredible design. It expresses a leading edge outlook though it’s distinct shape and colour. Available in purple and electric blue.

Diamond Sideboard

Incredible Design Pieces You Should Look Out For

Made with the finest materials and the deepest passion, Diamond is the result of both architectural thinking and cutting-edge design, resulting in an incredible design piece. This sideboard wasn’t made to stand on the corner, it was made to create that powerful ambience that will truly highlight your home decor. Available in several colours, bases and finishes.

Maya Armchair

Incredible Design Pieces You Should Look Out For

The Maya civilization had maize as one of the primary elements of their culture. Personified as a woman, Maya’s Maize God was the inspiration behind the Maya armchair. With legs in matte aged brass, this velvet accent chair has the sensual and delicate forms of the goddess, making it the perfect seating solution for an elegant living room set. We hope you’ve enjoyed these incredible design pieces!


BRABBU upholstery Malay chair


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