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Extraordinary restaurants you should try in Tokyo – Part 2

As Tokyo design fair is about to begin we are introducing you the most unique places for dinning in capital of Japan – Tokyo. In the first part we’ve already represented 6 extraordinary places to have your meal, but as there are even more such place, The Best design guides feel the need to expand the list. You are about to be surprise what kind of restaurants Tokyo can suggest for you.

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Vampire café

Have you ever really wondered to eat in the place where you are surrounded by coffin and even eat one during your meal? Vampire cafe suggest all that experience and a coffin‘s form cake as well. The red lightning and the chandelier with bats can make you feel like in a real crib of the vampire.

Location: La Paix Building in Ginza (map here)


Sengoku Buyuuden

„Sengoku“ is name of a period in Japan, which was marked with wars and strives. So in this restaurant you can found all the different fighting equipment represented in Japanies style interior. Even though it serves Japanese food, note that the staff still can speak in english.

Location: Shinjuku T-Wing Building (map here)


Robot Restaurant

Do you remember those humanize robots which you had as a child? So basicly the same robots you can see here, just the little different – they are the size of the human. Here you can see marching bands and sheer spectacle as well.

Location: Shinjuku (map here)


Alice in Wonderland

The fairy tale of the Alice in Wonderland is revived here. If you like it while being a kid, you will definitely like the interior which is full of atribution of this tale: mini cups, cards, strange trees and dishes with story‘s characters.

Location: Shinjuku (map here)


Planetarium Bar

Eating under the night sky – what could be more romantic? And what to do when the weather not so nice? The bar in Tokyo found the solution. Here Planetarium Bar offers the night sky environment for the diner all year round!

Location: Minato (map here)


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So if until now you had some doubts about where to eat in Tokyo, now probably all the questions are gone. Just find the place which is more appropriate for your interests and start your amazing experience.

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