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Euroluce 2019 Is The Event You Can't Miss At Salone del Mobile

Euroluce 2019 Is The Event You Can’t Miss At Salone del Mobile

Euroluce 2019 Is The Event You Can’t Miss At Salone del Mobile ⇒ International Lighting Exhibition, also known as Euroluce, is throwing its doors open from Tuesday 9th to Sunday 14th April at the Rho fairgrounds for its 30th edition. It will focus on the new frontiers of ambient lighting, underlining its role as a benchmark for the sector at a global level. Euroluce 2019 will be back along with the Salone del Mobile 2019, boasting more than 38,100 square metres of exhibition space split between 4 pavilions (9-11 and 13-15) and 421 exhibitors, underscoring its role as the international point of reference for the lighting world. Best Design Guides shows you all you need to know about this amazing event that is a reference is the lighting fixtures‘ world.



Euroluce 2019 Is The Event You Can't Miss At Salone del Mobile

This edition will feature integrated and intelligent, increasingly designer-friendly lighting solutions, sparking new aesthetic concepts not just for illuminating, but also for ‘experiencing’ and ‘living’ the space. Products encapsulating both magic and concreteness, simplicity and complexity. The vast array of products, unique in terms of variety and comprehensiveness, ranges from the latest in ambient lighting appliances to innovative lighting systems, light sources and lighting technology software and the harnessing of new eco-friendly materials. Lighting for indoors and outdoors, as well as for the contract and office sectors, and products developed for the lighting technology sector make Euroluce 2019 the most stimulating international platform for the lighting sector and an unmissable appointment for market operators.

Euroluce 2019 Is The Event You Can't Miss At Salone del Mobile

Euroluce 2019 isn’t simply business-orientated; it is also a trigger of stimuli and inspiration. Technological advances, the evolution of control systems and the miniaturisation of light sources have thrown up new opportunities for designers, both as regards designing individual appliances and as regards designing lighting effects. In this edition, the contemporary lighting design keywords will be experimentation and technological innovation, sustainability, human-centricity and aesthetic research.

Euroluce 2019 Is The Event You Can't Miss At Salone del Mobile

One of the most frequently explored angles in every single field is ‘smart everyday living’, and at Euroluce 2019 the sectoral leaders will be presenting intelligent and wireless solutions, cutting edge technology, appliances boasting even more integrated functions such as adaptive intelligence and wireless connectivity, higher performance sensors and systems for regulating the colour and temperature of light. The advent of ‘wireless’ lighting means that portable light sources can be created for both inside and outside the home, bearing out the trend towards the steady hybridisation of domestic spaces whose lines are becoming increasingly blurred. The light will be the ‘star’ of the smart home and terms such as Smart, IoT ready, Digital Light, Tunable White and White Changeable will become increasingly familiar.

Euroluce 2019 Is The Event You Can't Miss At Salone del Mobile

The challenge facing the sector is the quest for energy efficiency, sustainability and cost reduction. The new lighting products and systems will combine traditional appliances with extremely high quality LED and OLED solutions, with digital controls to ensure the desired results. The companies will demonstrate their commitment to using (easily) recycled or low environmental impact materials, ensuring that neither their manufacture nor their disposal will damage our ecosystem.

Euroluce 2019 Is The Event You Can't Miss At Salone del Mobile

Man constitutes the final frontier for innovation in lighting technology. This is borne out by the growing importance attached to Human Centric Lighting (HCL), which analyses the effect of light on people’s emotions, their wellbeing, their health and their motivation. Credence is increasingly being given to the idea of therapeutic artificial light that can bring one’s physical and mental demands into line by also stimulating the rhythm of natural light inside domestic spaces, by means of three factors: the colour and temperature of the light, its intensity and the direction of the beam of light. Studies by biologists have shown that reproducing temperatures and colours that mimic the circadian rhythm as closely as possible is the way forward. Accordingly, and for the first time at Euroluce, biologically efficient products and solutions are being showcased that replicate the solar cycle, altering colour, temperature and intensity to provide healthier lighting.

Euroluce 2019 Is The Event You Can't Miss At Salone del Mobile

Good looks, however, are the real star of this edition. Having overcome the limitations of a univocal style threatening to impose itself as a ‘trend’, lighting design is now embracing different suggestions and stimuli and coining new and multiple aesthetic and decorative concepts in a bid to side-swerve the obvious and the banal. The seductive lure of minimalism, with its simple shapes and soft colours, seen in many of the products, is counterbalanced by luminous objects with strong personalities and by the return to a more figurative and markedly decorative style; natural materials and artisan-inspired techniques will alternate with hyper-technical assemblages; petite proportions and portability will vie for space with the grandeur of objects guaranteed to make a theatrical and dramatic impact. Don’t miss the chance to witness all this live at Euroluce 2019!



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