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Discover Keisu Conecta, A Design Firm Specialized In Luxury Lighting

Discover Keisu Conecta, A Design Firm Specialized In Luxury Lighting

Discover Keisu Conecta, A Design Firm Specialized In Luxury Lighting ⇒ Created to enhance the role of lighting in decoration and design, Keisu Conecta is specialized in luxury lighting. They are a company that works side by side with a wide range of high-level firms and manufacturers with the goal of providing tailor-made and innovative solutions meant for many architectures and interior design projects. Best Design Guides will be letting you in a little on the work of this company that aims to give lighting a whole new perspective.


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“Light is one of the most important elements in decoration and interior design. It is what brings shapes, textures, sensations … We are dedicated to lighting because we like everything related to it, we are passionate about design and we have the possibility of working with great professionals from the world of interior design, decoration, architecture or construction, which always bring us and teach us new things at a professional and personal level.”

Discover Keisu Conecta, A Design Firm Specialized In Luxury Lighting

Keisu Conecta has a team of professionals all of whom have more than 13 years of experience in the lighting sector. Their market type is more of a professional one with architects, interior designers, decorators, engineering studios, distributors and retailers, restaurants and hotels, installers, construction companies and end customers being the main segment to which they work for. In many of the aforementioned types of establishments, lighting is a main element in the display of the spaces.

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“Inspiration is the idea that the client has mainly, his style and personality. If it is a company or a hotel chain we are inspired by its corporate image and what they want to transfer to their clients. From that point, we are inspired by our own happiness. Lighting affects our mood: emotions, whether positive or negative, can also be brighter with brighter lighting, while lower lighting softens those emotions. Light affects our life and shapes our mood.”

Discover Keisu Conecta, A Design Firm Specialized In Luxury Lighting

No doubt that lighting is one of the big focuses for the firm, however, there’s always a certain aesthetic that comes with lighting products. They provide lighting pieces from bespoke brands such as ACB, Almerich, Catellani & Smith, DelightFULL, Ferrluce Retro, Iluminia and One light. The vintage trend which has been dominating in fashion and interior design is also expanding its influence in lighting, as well as natural and sustainable products.

“In terms of style and creativity we have seen a tendency to put aside the minimalism which existed during the crisis and the idea of ​​sticking to pure functionality, to pave the way to the Mid Century style and art deco of the 50s and 60s. We consider that it has returned to the ornamental, to appeal to the welfare and the experience of the client at the time of making a design. There is also a strong tendency for the natural and sustainable, with hand-crafted designs with their own personality.”

Discover Keisu Conecta, A Design Firm Specialized In Luxury Lighting

When it comes to the relationship with clients, Keisu Conecta consists of a firm that values the relationship and involvement of the client in the project by keeping a close connection based on trust. Whenever the company takes on a new project they take on a couple of steps, more specifically a preliminary phase (referring to the first contact with the client as well as establishing the solutions suited for their tastes), a phase of study of the project (n which the team evaluates the technical and economic matters of the interior), a proposal and quotation for the project and the development phase taken forward until its conclusion.

Discover Keisu Conecta, A Design Firm Specialized In Luxury Lighting

All throughout this phase the firm guides and connects with the customer, and its necessary communication, alongside other factors such as facing the problems in a decisive and effective way and maintaining a positive attitude regarding new challenges.

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“The professional client usually knows what he wants and what he does not, although he also knows how to listen. He is a client who is open minded to contributions and who wants to imprint his stamp on the project and give it life. They are usually involved in large-scale projects, such as hotels and restaurants.”

Discover Keisu Conecta, A Design Firm Specialized In Luxury Lighting

When it comes to the future of interior design, the firm believes that ecological and sustainable products will be playing a big role in the upcoming changes that will come in the future of interior design. They have manifested a desire to implement those same policies in Keisu Conecta in order to help with the ecological trend to help the planet.

“There are more and design campaigns appearing right now which are committed in a real way to the way we build, decorate and inhabit. We are increasingly aware of climate and environmental problems and the future will be formed by projects that use innovative materials and products with environmental certification, ECO efficiency stamps and that contribute their grain of sand to have sustainable spaces to take care of planet.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this amazing company regarding luxury lighting!



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