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Deco Off Paris

Deco Off Paris: The Interior Design Event That You Cannot Miss!

Deco Off Paris is a free design event for the general public and it acts as a bridge between international brands, interior designers and decoration editors, showcasing the best interior design products and inspirations from Paris. The event will occur between 19th and 23rd of January and it will involve 120 participants in a festive environment to provide the world of design with their lavishing fabric collections.


Paris the city of lights, love, and art which hosts once again one of the major Design Events to provide the world of design with luxury and amazing products. Each of the 120 exhibitors is a must-see showroom, providing all information and solutions for your projects.

Just take a read at the article!

Deco Off Paris


Deco Off Paris

Arte is a passionate design company, which was founded in 1981 by the family Desart, with the main goal of decorating walls for both residential and contract project interiors, in over 80 countries worldwide.

Address: 6 bis rue de l’Abbaye – 75006 Paris

Website: http://www.arte-international.com

Deco Off Paris

Alcantara is an Italian company which focuses on create and produce textiles of excellence, unique, resistant, expressing a perfect balance between technology and tradition.

Address: Galerie Art Cube
9 place Furstenberg – 75006 Paris
Website: http://www.alcantara.com/it/index.do

Deco Off Paris

4Spaces is a Zurich-based textile company, which manufactures its own exclusive fabrics collections for astonishing interiors and limited edition designs.

Address: Galerie Puy baudet
42 rue de Seine – 75006 PARIS
Website: http://4spaces.ch/

Deco Off Paris

AGENA is an Italian company that was founded in 1966.With a history of over 50 years, the fabrics, wallpapers, and rugs created by Agena for high-end interior decoration reflect a daily luxury featured mainly by their innovative creativity and certified quality totally made in Italy.

Address: Atelier Visconti
4 rue Visconti – 75006 Paris

Website: www.agenagroup.it

Deco Off Paris

Aldeco Interior Fabrics is a charismatic and creative Portuguese brand which is specialed in classy interior fabrics. Their magnificent collections result from the passion devoted by their Design Department, combined with innovation and in line with the ultimate fashion and design trends.

Address: Showroom Aldeco
23 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris
Website: http://www.aldeco.pt/

Deco Off Paris

The brand Alhambra was founded in Alicante, Spain, in 1977 and is a reference in textiles and interior designs of high quality. By mixing textiles, textures, and colors they create a magic universe that fill our life and our soul with good sensations.

Address: Galerie Dépendances
6 bis rue de l’Abbaye – 75006 Paris
Website: http://www.alhambraint.com/

Deco Off Paris

Jean Pinton creates exceptional carpets and majestic wall tapestries using antique and powerful techniques. This company counts with more than 150 years of experience in the production of lavishing tapestry products.

Address: 71 rue du Cherche-Midi – 75006 Paris
Website: www.pinton1867.com

Deco Off Paris

Coordonné is an interior design company based in Barcelona, with more than 35 years of experience creating high-quality wall covering and fabric collections, focusing on the need to decorate one entire space in just one step.

Address: Galerie Pièce Unique Variations
4 rue Jacques Callot – 75006 Paris

Website: www.coordonne.es

Deco Off Paris


Brochier creates and produces top of the range interior decoration fabrics, well-known all over the world for their sophistication, elegance and the quality of their yarns.

Address: Galerie de l’Europe
55 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.brochier.it

Deco Off Paris

4BI is an interior design company founded in 1995 by Bruno Moinard, which is very renowned because of it provides varied and sophisticated interior designs, as well as high-quality furniture created by the best craftsmanship. Warm minimalism, simplicity without austerity, elegance and timelessness with an approach to luxury are the expressions that define the work of Bruno Moinard.

Address: Galerie Bruno Moinard Editions (showroom permanent)
31 rue Jacob – 75006 PARIS

Website: www.brunomoinardeditions.com

Deco Off Paris

C&C Milano offers customized and innovative textile designs, as well as exclusive and unique crafted items. Countless possibilities can be designed by combining the various fabrics, patterns, and colors.

Address: Galerie Eberwein
22 rue Jacob – 75006 Paris

Website: www.cec-milano.com

Deco Off Paris

Camengo is a French Designer who loves to share its inspirations to transform your interiors into exquisite and unique spaces.


Address: Showroom Casamance
13 rue du mail – 75002 Paris

Deco Off Paris

Deco Off Paris

Camengo team captures the tune of time and they share experiences, through the creation of interesting styles and concepts, providing timeless and comfortable designs which can be placed in any interior design decoration.


Address: Galerie Agnès Monplaisir
8 bis rue Jacques Callot – 75006 Paris

Website: http://www.camengo.fr/

Deco Off Paris


CasaDeco designs wallpaper and upholstery fabrics, and it is very well recognized because of for its innovation and high-quality products. The huge objective of this design company is to create a modern and vibrant atmosphere with its wide variety of design products for interior decoration, walls, and windows.

Address: Galerie Document 15
15 rue de l’Echaudé – 75006 Paris

Website: www.casadeco.com

Deco Off Paris

Regarding a more international context, CASAL revamps the Luciano Marcato brand, synonym for luxury and creativity made in Italy.

Address: 52 rue Croix des Petits-Champs – 75001 Paris

Website: www.casal.fr

Deco Off Paris

Casamance is a French company that was born from the relentless desire for creating a completely different certain type of luxury, to make time for time, in a world where everything is accelerating. Casamance takes its inspiration from their love for beauty: the modernity of the exclusive designs is highlighted by the mix of colors.


Address: Showroom Casamance
13 rue du mail – 75002 Paris

Deco Off Paris


Adresse: Galerie Agnès Monplaisir
8 bis rue Jacques Callot – 75006 Paris

Website: www.casamance.com

Deco Off Paris

Chase Erwin work with skilled European artisan mills to develop new collections every year, complementing existing collections and selling creative and innovative fabrics to work as inspiration.

Address: Galerie Eugénie Prax
19 rue de l’Echaudé – 75006 Paris

Website: www.chase-erwin.com

Deco Off Paris

Clarke & Clarke was founded at the rural county of Cheshire and it releases vibrant, fashion-led fabrics and wall coverings throughout the year, ensuring that their collections are always on trend in both design and color.

Address: 25 rue de l’Echaudé – 75006 Paris

Website: www.clarke-clarke.com

Deco Off Paris

Specialist in custom carpets and rugs, The Codimat House apprehends the future under the sign of development.

Address: 63-65 rue du Cherche Midi – 75006 Paris

Website: www.codimatcollection.com

Deco Off Paris

Marianne Oudin’s (C M O) creates lavishing fabrics made of ramie, abaca, hemp, bamboo, vetiver root, pineapple, and other raw materials. These fabrics can be used for shades, blinds, upholstery or even folding screens.

Address: 5 rue Chabanais – 75002 Paris

Website: www.cmoparis.com

Deco Off Paris

Christian Fischbacher is a renowned textile company and it has been established in Switzerland. Christian Fischbacher interior fabrics, carpets, bedding and home accessories collections are made for luxurious interiors with personality.

Address: Showroom Christian Fischbacher
20 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

Website: www.fischbacher.com

Deco Off Paris

Christian Lacroix founded his design company in 1987, aiming to provide the world of fashion and design with a unique, exuberant, and colorful creations, which have changed the way to create and produce original and extraordinary designs.

Address: Showroom Designers Guild

4 Rue Vide Gousset – 75002 Paris

Website: www.designersguild.com

Deco Off Paris

The design pieces of Colony can be found inside the most beautiful and expensive homes in the world, the interior design company is focused on the creation of lamps, velvets, brocades and silk fabrics.

Address: Showroom Cleo C
30 rue Jacob – 75006 Paris

Website: www.colonyfabrics.com/fr

Deco Off Paris

Création Baumann is a design studio that designs and produces luxury designs and it contributes to improving well-being in both public and private spaces.


Address: 15 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

Deco Off Paris


Address: Galerie de l’Europe
55 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

Website: www.creationbaumann.com

Deco Off Paris



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