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A unique Guide about Zurich

Best Design Guides is the source with the aim to assist everyone in finding crucial information about hotels, restaurants, galleries and other things to do in Zuric, Switzerland. This time we supply the outline of the best places that are magnificent in all their features and worth visiting.

Best Hotels in Zurich

The Dolder Grand


Placed in a very special location in one of the most natural spots in Zurich. The Dolder Grand Hotel offers its guests a awarded restaurants and a 4000 squared meters SPA, with a fitness centre and a panoramic pool.

Location – Kurhausstrasse 65, 8032 Zürich, Switzerland

Tel number +41 44 456 60 00

Baur au Lac


This 5 star hotel enjoys a unique location in the heart of Zurich within its own private park. Luxurious and elegant bedrooms and suites have a lovely view over the lake and the Alps. The guests can appreciate too two well-known restaurants.

Location – Talstrasse 1, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Tel number +41 44 220 50 20

Widder Hotel


Widder Hotel is located in the old downtown and occupies 9 former historical buildings that constitute the whole compound. The buildings were carefully restored and refurnished with the help of famous architects and interior designers.

Location – Rennweg 7, 1. Zurich Old Town–City Centre, 8001 Switzerland

Tel number +41 44 224 25 26

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Best restaurants in Zurich

Restaurant Park Haus


The ParkHauus Restaurant is the most wonderful place for those who love an open kitchen, because you will have a close-up view of chefs preparing the meals. This lovely space gifts you with the most distinctive flavours and unique service for a unique gourmet cuisine experience.

Location – Park Hyatt Hotel, Beethovenstrasse 21, 8002

Tel number +41 438 831 075

Pavillon Restaurant


The Pavillon restaurant provides you and exceptional and luxurious huate cuisine service. With the Head Chef Laurent Eperon the classic dishes are reinvented into a 21st centaury approach.

Baur au Lac Hotel, Talstrasse 1, 8001 | +41 442 205 022

Spice Restaurant

The restaurant offers an imaginative cuisine in which Chef Christian Nickel fuses inspiration from local and international dishes. Spice was designed by Swiss architects Burckhalter and Sumi, and been awarded with on Michelin Star.

Location – Germaniastrasse 99, 8044 Zurich

Tel number +41 432 551 570

Best Label Stores in Zurich



Zurich number one watch store is located quite in the city centre and allows the wealthy travellers to chose between the most well-know watch brands. In there you can chose from Rolex to IWC.

Location – Bahnhofstrasse 50, 8001 Zurich

Tel number  +41 44 211 26 35

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One of the most prestigious French fashion boutique is located in Zurich too, and a visit to Hermès will allow you to choose from luxury and fabulous fashion accessories and handbags.

Location – Bahnhofstrasse 31, 8001 Zurich

Tel number +41 44 211 41 77.


Zurich allows you to discover the best of on of the most prestigious Italian luxury fashion lables. And Gucci has it all from leather goods to ready-to-wear fashion and handbags.

Location – Poststrasse 3, 8001 Zurich

Tel number +41 44 211 46 20



All in all, these restaurants, hotels and other things are unique because of their design and interior. In case you have an opportunity to pop into them, while wondering in Zürich, take your chance.

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