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8 Beautiful not-touristic cities in North Italy

Are you going to North Italy soon? We’ve already given you our best advice for traveling in Florence, Venice, and Bologna, but there are not only these famous destinations that are worth visiting in Italy. There are plenty of small Italian cities which will amaze you with their beautiful nature and real Italian style. So be ready to feel the enormous inspiration to travel, because Best design guides are ready for introducing you top 8 best not-touristic cities to visit in North Italy.


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Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

It‘s a beautiful seaport located in Northeastern Italy just right beside Adriatic sea and Slovenia and it has the largest seafront square in Europe – Piazza Unita d‘Italia – with the heritage of 19th Century architecture.

Trieste | 8 Beautiful not-touristic cities in North Italy


Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

This medieval times city counts its age from 983. It preserved the unique style of Venetian-Gothic and has a beautiful medieval castle just in the center of the town.

Udine | 8 Beautiful not-touristic cities in North Italy

Bergamo Alta, Lombardy

Famous by its masterpiece of Renaissance architecture church of Santa Maria Maggiore, which was begun in 1137, and its dome featuring the frescoes by Tiepolo.

Bergamo Alta | 8 Beautiful not-touristic cities in North Italy

Cremona, Lombardy

Known as a city which hosted Stradivari, it also features one of the most important sites for Romanesque-Gothic art – beautiful Cathedral of Cremona with its Baptistery.

Cremona | 8 Beautiful not-touristic cities in North Italy

Mantua, Lombardy

It is one of the main artistic cultural and musical hubs in Italy. It is also known because of its theater called The Bibiena which was opened on 1769 and on 1770 had a concert with thirteen-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Mantua | 8 Beautiful not-touristic cities in North Italy

Pavia, Lombardy

You should definitely see this city‘s outstanding example of Lombard-Romanesque style – The Basilica of San Michelle Maggiore as well as Castello Visconteo with its medieval towers which shape town skyline.

Pavia | 8 Beautiful not-touristic cities in North Italy

Padua, Veneto

The city is famous because it has one of the oldest universities which hosted Galileo Galilei as a lecturer. But more than this city has plenty of picturesque monuments to see, like Scrovegni Chapel, a masterpiece featuring Giotto frescoes, as well as Palazzo Della Ragione, which walls are covered with allegoric frescoes.

Padua | 8 Beautiful not-touristic cities in Italy

Treviso, Veneto

Beautiful Italian city is known for its excellent Prosecco and the birthplace of famous dessert tiramisu, it also has some unique monuments to show. Visit the late Romanesque-Early Gothic style church of San Francesco as well as Romanesque style Cathedral – the Loggia Dei Cavalieri.

Treviso |8 Beautiful not-touristic cities in Italy

Treviso | 8 Beautiful not-touristic cities in Italy

With the heritage of many historical epochs, the North Italy‘s cities have much to show as well as much to teach. But more than that they all have this atmosphere of real Italian cities which is indescribable and need to be experienced by yourself. So go ahead and don‘t miss the perfect opportunity to mix beautiful sceneries with a history worth remembering.




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