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best-design-guides-6-extraordinary-restaurant-you should-try-in-tokyo-luxis

Extraordinary restaurants you should try in Tokyo – Part 1

Next week the capital of Japan – Tokyo is hosting Design fair and if you want to visit it, you should definitely get ready. We already suggested you so beautiful place to stay- 4 Most Luxurious Hotels In Tokyo. Now it’s time to talk about your daily meal. Food here is important part of culture, but be prepared not only for trying amazing dishes, but also for seeing some unexpected dinning places. Best Design Guides prepared you a list of place that will full your stomach and fulfill your expectations.

The LockUp

Prison type of eatery where your hand will be handcuffed and you may have the romantic dinners in one of the restaurant’s cells.

Location: Several in Tokyo, including Shibuya and Shinjuku (more here)

best-design-guides-6-extraordinary-restaurant-you should-try-in-tokyo-lockup-1 best-design-guides-6-extraordinary-restaurant-you should-try-in-tokyo-lockup

Capcom Bar

The inspiration for this bar was iconic video games such as Resident Evil, Ace Attorney and Monster Hunter, so no wonder that the food here looks unique and totaly different then everywhere else.

Location: Pasela in Shinjuku (map here)

best-design-guides-6-extraordinary-restaurant-you should-try-in-tokyo-capcom


Would like to see some sharks and turtles during the meal? Here comes Luxis – the restraurant which has enormous fish tank and are not affraid to put there even sharks!

Location: Shibuya (map here)

best-design-guides-6-extraordinary-restaurant-you should-try-in-tokyo-luxis-1

Maidreamin‘s Digitized Cafe and Dining Bar

This digital cafe is all full of maids jumping and punching the boxes that hang from the ceiling. It‘s like mini digital wonderland, where you are surrounded 2D pixelated mini-maids even on the walls.

Location: Shibuya (map here)

best-design-guides-6-extraordinary-restaurant-you should-try-in-tokyo-little-tgv

Little TGV

Who said that having an obsesion is bad? Being obsessed with trains created a good idea for train nerds‘ eatery! Here is everything about the trains: seats, pictures of road, maps, waitress dressed up like train service and even the meal is served on mini trains.

Location: Akihabara (map here)

best-design-guides-6-extraordinary-restaurant-you should-try-in-tokyo-maidreamins-digitized-cafe


The concept of eating what you catch by your own hands can be alive even today! Zauo restaurant suggest you to seat on a phony boat and catch fish in a stocked tank below. And after doing it, your fish is, of course, prepared for you to eat.

Location: Several in Tokyo, including Shinjuku (map here)

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So it definitely look that the Design fair won’t be the only amazing experience here, in Tokyo. You can have amazing food experience as well as extraordinary catering of it.

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