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5 best places to eat brunch in Milan

From May till October Milan hosts the world exposition called EXPO and it’s a perfect opportunity to visit one of the nicest Italian cities. The best design guides don’t want you to get hungry while your visit in Milan, so here are 5 places where to have the best brunch in Milan.

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Pasticceria Sissi

The bakery, which you should definitely visit on the way to the Thursday’s market. For the breakfast take some cappuccino and try bignè alla crema chantilly, which is sort of ekler type pastry filled half of the whipped cream and half of the vanilla custard. It is rich and creamy, definitely must-try in Milan.

Piazza Risorgimento 6; +39 (0)2 7601 4664

Open from Wednesday to Saturday, 6:30am to 8pm. Closes at 12pm on Monday; closed on Tuesday.



The name of the place came from the nick name of the pastry chef Mariangela and it sounds French. But this place is trully Italian one, where you can get the real cappuccino, traditional cookies, brioche or orange juice. How Italians decide that the cappuccino is good? It is rich, foamy and served at the perfect temperature. Moreover, cappuccino shouldn’t have a foam top on it, cappuccino is a foam. If you have a milk foam on it and the coffee beneath, you can’t call it cappuccino.

Via Archimede 59; +39 02 7395 7790

Open daily from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm, only in the morning on Sunday



Pisacco is an elegant place for your breakfast ritual in Milan. Even though its best meal – hamburger, which is not so sophisticated, the chef of this place is Andrea Berton, one of the most famous Michelin-star chefs in Italy.

Via Solferino 48; +39 02 91765472

Open from 12.00 am.to 3.00 pm. / from 7.00 pm to 1.00 am, not working on Mondays.



Typical Milanese breakfast is just 3minutes, but if it’s your holidays, you have the right not act like reall Milanese and spend more. For perfect long weekend breakfast Pave is the perfect place. Here as in any other breakfast place you should start day with cappuccino and brioche. The difference is only that here brioche is filled with enormous amount of apricot marmalade, so be prepared to spill some on your face or clothes.

Via Felice Casati 27; +39 02 94392259

Open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, from 8:30 am to 7 pm on Saturday and Sunday



You probably already noticed that Milanese breakfasts is all about sweets. And just in case you prefer savory rather than sweets it should be very hard for you to get used to this. In this case, there is no need to force yourself eat ‘brioche with cappuccino’ kind of breakfast. Taglio suggests a big variety of savory breakfasts: scrambled eggs with all kind of adds, omelets, crepes.

Via Vigevano 10; +39 02 36534294

Monday to Friday: 8am to 11:45 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 9am to 11:45pm


Visiting such a big event as world‘s fair can be rather tiring. So be prepared – eat a decent breakfast at one of the fabulous breakfast’s spot that Best design guides picked for you.

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