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Top 7 best food to try in Istanbul

As Turkey is one of those exotic place to visit during summer, Best design guides decided that you need some better introduction to this country. There are plenty of monumental and artistic things to visit and totally different world of art for European’s eye. But not to mention this, everyone is crazy about Turkish food. So we prepared the list what you should definitely try while being in Istanbul. So you won’t need to worry about dining just enjoy the greatest Byzantine art heritage.

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It’s the most famous Turkish delights. Made from filo pastry, it’s layered with nuts, chocolate or kaymak (clotted cream) and soaked in syrup.

Place to try: At Güllüoğlu in the Egyptian BazaarMısır Çarşısı No. 88, Yeni Cami Arkası, Eminönü; (0212) 528 51 81.



Also a pastry from filo dough, but this time savory. Filled with feta cheese (beyaz peynir), spinach or minced meat. Or you can try sigara (cigarette) böreği, which is long and thin, made with cheese and parsley, and shaped like a cigarette.

Place to try: Meşhur Sarıyer BörekçisiYeni Mahalle Caddesi No.50, Sarıyer; P:(0212) 242 15 39 


Etli Yaprak Sarma

It‘s Turkish staple food – vine leaves stuffed with minced meat and herbs, covered with yogurt and best then hot.

Place to try: Caferiye Sokak No. 6, Sultanahmet; (0212) 514 61 51


Grilled Fish

As Istanbul is near the sea, it suggest a huge varienty of grilled fish options like whitebait, red mullet, lemon sole, sea bass, bream and whatever else has been caught that day. The fish is served with tomatoes, lettuce and lemon.

Place to try: Go along the waterfront on either side of the Bosphorus


İskender Kebap

The dished is named after Alexander the Great and is made out of thin cuts of roasted lamb spread over buttery pita bread, which is then topped with a savory tomato sauce, a drizzle of butter, and a dollop of yogurt.



Köfte it‘s a small meatballs seasoned with spices and onions and bursting with flavors. It has a variety of options: Peynirli is with the cheese filling, İnegöl is slightly fatter than others and izgara is the simpliest version.

Place to try: Ulus 29Adnan Saygun Caddesi Ulus Parkı Içi; (0212) 358 29 29



It‘s tiny dumplings stuffed with meat, topped with yogurt, garlic, tomato sauce, melted butrrer and red pepper powder and sometimes called Turkish ravioli. Delicious in all the ways: boiled, steamed, or fried.

Place to try: AşkanaMetehan Sokak, Türkel Apartmanı, No. 1, Ulus; (0212) 268 74 42


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More than a beautiful views, Turkey can surprise you with it’s food. So don’t miss the chance to get it all!

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