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Food you must try in Paris

If you are already in Paris for Paris Haute Couture 2015, you may want to experience something more than just a good fashion. Paris is known for fashion as must as for a cuisine, so Best design guides today want to find out what tourist of Paris should definitely try before leaving.

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Paris is known for top quality baguettes and if you want to find out which places sells the best ones you should check the results of competition the ‘Meilleure Baguette de Paris‘.



It‘s a grilled steak combine with various sauces and patotoes. Simple you say? Not so much when you try it in Paris. Meat here is usually well selected and prepared and the potatoes are fresh, hand-cut and double-fried.


Croque monsieur

This looks like a simple grilled sandwich, but like all the things that French do, it‘s have a much more unique taste than any other. This one is with an oozy and crisp grilled ham and cheese and usually moistened by a touch of Bechamel sauce.


Raw-milk artisanal cheeses

Paris can be proud of offering a big variaty of any kind of cheese, from the mildest to the sharpest. But if you to choose just one but really special cheese, you should try raw-milk one. Also, ask the vendor what‘s best right now, as the production of this kind of cheeses is a seasonal affair.



Walking in the morning true all the pastry shops can be a little bit of a challenge, it‘s hard to resist the warm buttery smell of fresh croissants that escapes from the air vents at pavement level. So this is the moment you should get your golden reward an buy one, because croissants in Paris are the thing not to miss.



Colorful bite size cookies, made from almond flavours and filled with buttercream or ganache. Paris is its birthplace and you should try it here. But make sure you buy the quality ones, because many now just sell factory-made ones.



Crepes here are a mania. There are various kinds of them sweet, savour, out of buckweets and so on. And you will difinitely will see thousands of creperies during your walk around the city.A traditional crepe would be crepes with oranges  – crepes suzette, which should be the first on your list!


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So now that you have guidelines, all you need to do is to follow your nose and count on your taste buds!

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