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WAWABED Bed & Breakfast: cozy and one of a kind

The WAWABED Bed & Breakfast is located in the Zoliborz a quiet and friendly district of Warsaw. Situated in a small street offers peace and quiet at night away from the bustle of cars. Yet still close to city center. (WAWABED is located at only 3 km from the centre of Warsaw, which makes it a place that offers the perfect balance between dynamism and peace.)

WAWABED-Bed-Breakfast-cozy-and-one-of-a-kind-bedroom2WAWABED looks like a home you would want to live in, rather than hotel. Offers 8 rooms in total (6 spacious double rooms and 2 cozy single rooms). Most of the rooms have direct access to one of the terraces where you can relax while reading a book or drinking coffee.

WAWABED-Bed-Breakfast-cozy-and-one-of-a-kind-bedroom6 The rooms, with plenty of elegant furnishings and inviting cozy beds, would be well suited to a long winter’s hibernation.

WAWABED-Bed-Breakfast-cozy-and-one-of-a-kind-bedroom5Each of bedrooms have its own private  bathroom, because there is nothing better that a hot relaxing shower in the evening in order to rest for the heavy sightseeing days in a dynamic, changing city like Warsaw.

WAWABED-Bed-Breakfast-cozy-and-one-of-a-kind-bedroom7One of the most important facts regarding every room in B&B is that you will get as much sunlight as the polish weather allows because of the big windows and it’s location on the north and southeast sides. All of  rooms  and bathrooms are different having their own appeal and personality.

WAWABED-Bed-Breakfast-cozy-and-one-of-a-kind-bedroom1Each morning you will have a good and healthy breakfast with Polish style served in the dining room with a great view, or if the weather conditions allow on one of the 3 terraces belonging to the House.

WAWABED-Bed-Breakfast-cozy-and-one-of-a-kind-foodYou can also count on delicious dinner prepared by house cook with some polish flavors.  The atmosphere downstairs in the dining room  is that of an old-fashioned : homely and warm.

WAWABED-Bed-Breakfast-cozy-and-one-of-a-kind-diningroomWAWABED is the perfect choice for short and long stays, and it is also ideal for business and leisure travelers. Located close to three metro stations, many bus and tram lines makes easier to travel in Warsaw, and get to any place you want.

WAWABED-Bed-Breakfast-cozy-and-one-of-a-kind-bedroom3A very quite house, perfectly clean, spacious rooms, excellent food, and most of all a very friendly atmosphere. We felt like we have been staying with friends, and the relaxed atmosphere and lovely rooms were one of the best experiences.


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