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Don’t Miss The New Van Gogh Suite at The Conservatorium Hotel

Don’t Miss The New Van Gogh Suite at The Conservatorium Hotel – In order to celebrate the duration of the Van Gogh and Japan exhibition at the nearby museum eponymous to the artist, the Conservatorium Hotel, in Amsterdam, has launched its inaugural Van Gogh Suite package.

Located in the heart of Museumplein, the Conservatorium Hotel is an incredible and unforgettable building that now houses the Van Gogh Suite package. The 19th-century stone exterior creates a theatrical feel but, once you’re inside, the space is unmistakable, with 129 rooms, including 42 suites.

Don't Miss The New Van Gogh Suite at The Conservatorium HotelIn the Van Gogh Suite, the guests can choose the art they want to see in the room, from works like “Almost Blossom,” “Flowering Plum Orchard,” “Self-Portrait With Grey Felt Hat” or “Courtesan”, while still having a fantastic panoramic view of the city. Inside the suite, there are also items such as pillows, teacups or teapots whose artists sought inspiration from the Van Gogh works.

The Suite encourages its guests to bring out their creative side, by providing them with an aquarelle set and a guestbook, so they can leave their mark in the room. Furthermore, inside each suite, guests are welcomed with a letter from Willem Van Gogh, the nephew of Vincent Van Gogh himself and founder of the Van Gogh Museum.

Despite having never visited the country, Van Gogh had a fascination with Japan, even having a collection of Japanese prints across the walls of his studio in Paris. He traced the delicate patterns and replicated them, in an attempt to understand this part of the world that he didn’t know. During this time period, Japan was very famous among the French elite, so it’s surprising that this is the first time that an exhibition highlights Van Gogh’s admiration for Japanese art and its impact on his artistic lens. The exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum features exquisite pieces loaned from museums and private collections around the world.

The package finishes in the glass atrium, where a visit to the hotel begins. The hotel’s executive chef, Schilo van Coevorden, created a Japanese-inspired afternoon tea, that’s also part of the package. The special menu even has a quote from the artist that says “I envy the Japanese for the extreme clarity that everything in their work has.”. Japan is an important influence throughout the hotel, since their signature restaurant Taiko serves contemporary Asian cuisine.

This offering at the Conservatorium Hotel represents the changes that are happening in Amsterdam. The city is thriving, with new restaurants and bars opening every day. Since the hotel is located in the museum district and is close to the fashionable shopping enclave, it has everything it needs to succeed.

Source: Forbes

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