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"Milan offers lively bars, restaurants and nightclubs, moreover some of them include live music, especially jazz music and some local bands. Here are the best tips to pass the best night in Milan."

Top Bars in Milan


Top Bars in Milan

Milan offers lively bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, moreover, some of them include live music, especially jazz music and some local bands. Clubbing starts at about 11.00 pm running to about 4 am, but if you want to be ready, start your nightlife with the happy hour aperitifs, from about 18.00 on in one of the most famous bars and caffés. Continue reading to get to know the top bars in Milan!

Here are the best tips to pass the best night in Milan, find the top bars, cafes and clubs here.


Armani Cafe

Top Bars in Milan armani café

One of the most In houses in Milan is the café bar of the Armani empire, Armani Café manages to be both ostentatious and understated. Inside, it’s very, very white and clean – one might say it celebrates the purity of lines, though one might have to insert one’s tongue in one’s cheek to say it. White walls that almost glow, high ceilings and a floating mezzanine await you. So once you splurged on goodies in the shops you can come here, stash your bags and salve your conscience with a glass of wine or an aperitif.


Top Bars in Milan

Owned by Dolce and Gabbana, this fashionable Milanese restaurant and bar is not a temple to minimalism,  in fact, the opposite. Gold is bling central. There’s not a surface that isn’t in some way bedecked with gilt and sparkle. The light fittings, the bathrooms, the staircases: everything shimmers. Understatement is an alien concept here. Space is divided into two parts, a formal upstairs restaurant, open for dinner only, and a downstairs bar and a bistro area, open all day. Gold has fast become a fashion crowd hangout, the place to head for those who live to be fabulous and like to be looked at.

Absolut Ice Bar

Top Bars in Milan

The temperature is about -5° Celsius and one may drink cocktails with a base of Absolut vodka and juice, served in ice glasses. Inside the workers wear a particular covering and gloves… every guest and stay inside the Italian Absolut Ice Bar  for about 30 minutes to taste the typical vodka enjoyed in the colder parts of the world. Ideal for a unique moment, it is a breathtaking proposal! Every object in Absolut Ice Bar Milan is entirely made of dazzling ice.The temperature never rises above -5° Celsius, the five senses react in different ways to cold shivers: one may touch, see, hear, drink and hear ice, in addition, there are the delicious notes of lounge music which accompany the visitor inside this most splendid ice bar.

Bar Basso 

Top Bars in Milan

Bar Basso is a historical cocktail bar turned through the years into a real Milanese institution, Bar Basso is mostly renown for its signature cocktail Negroni Sbagliato, invented here and presented in huge scenographic glasses. A true cult bar for sophisticated drinking devotees, Bar Basso was the first-ever Milanese joint to introduce the “aperitif” to everyday people, while before cocktails could only be found at the exclusive lounge bars of luxurious international grand hotels.

Cracco Coffee Design

Top Bars in Milan

Cracco Coffee Design is a pleasant surprise among Milanese lunch eating, its a refined dining area inside Milan’s Palazzo Della Triennale, redesigned by Michele -de Lucchi. Coffee Design is more than a simple museum café, it’s The meeting point with picture windows overbooking the park and design items from the Permanent Collection of Italian Design.

10 Corso Como

Top Bars in Milan

Designed by American artist Kris Ruhs, the 10 Corso Como Milan is a courtyard café, part of Carla Sozzani’s multifunctional arts complex, which includes a hotel, shop, and restaurant. A favourite with fashion folk and celebrities, it occupies an old casa a ringhiera. You must try the No.1 cocktail.

Café ‘Atlantique

Top Bars in Milan

The eye-catching chandelier will be the first thing you will see in Caffé l’Atlantique. It has cascades down over the bar, green and glorious. It’s just one of the highlight in an incredibly striking space, designed by young Milanese architects. The results form one of Milan’s most achingly fashionable cafe-bars, part sci-fi film set, part baroque palace. Decent drinks are served alongside a selection of standard Italian dishes. By day it’s quite casual, a popular lunch spot; by night it’s altogether different, the crowd are glam and the door policy can be tough, so dress accordingly.


Top Bars in Milan

A_mi is a bar inspired by Zaha Hadid’s work. Concrete dominates the interior, which is full of sweeping gray plains and meandering sculptural surface forms the cocktail bar and cash desk. It’s distinctive and unique. Despite the intentionally experimental aesthetic, the muted colours and the materials used, the place is warm and lively, soft-edged rather than hard cornered. The bar draws a young, casual crowd; casual that is by Milan standards.


Top Bars in Milan

Nobu is located in the gloriously minimalist Armani mall. On the ground floor, there’s a bar area full of sleek, elegant tables and chairs. Gentle, earthy tones create a calm, serene atmosphere, a world away from the urban buzz outside. Here you can recline with an impeccable cocktail clasped in your impeccably manicured hands and your sleek, elegant shopping bags stowed at your feet. Upstairs the dining room is, if anything, more glamorous and the familiar Japanese fusion fare including the famous black cod. If you’re planning on eating, then it goes without saying that booking is essential – this is Nobu after all.



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