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Rotterdam – City Guide

“All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.”"

Rotterdam is a metropolis. By far, you can see the city skylines that give visitors great visions. With stunning architecture, great shopping centers, special events and museums, there is a lot of things to discover and experience.


The New York Rotterdam Hotel is a tower that provides services for the costumer to rest, have dinner and drink something. If you want to rest, you can choose rooms like waterfront rooms, corner rooms, balcony rooms, tower rooms and executive rooms.

“All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.”"

Hampshire Hotel is located in the center of Rotterdam. This place provides comfortable moments and it is easily accessed. From here, you can walk to the attractive points from Rotterdam with an special transportation service.

The Manhattan Hotel Rotterdam is the leading luxury 5-star hotel in Rotterdam. The modern and elegant rooms offer luxury and comfort for business and leisure travelers.


Cokkies Knoei’s gallery mixes the experimental with the traditional, the glamorous with the conceptual and style with attitude. These gallery exhibitions are humorous, erotic, surreal and sublime.

Modern Art Gallery Kralingen gives space to contemporary art and is located at the centre of Rotterdam. In this gallery are include exhibition spaces, stages for theatre and music. You should not miss this gallery.

Design shops

& Design Shop is the name of the company that provides stuff created with love. They offer a large variety of services like accessories, art, furniture and lighting well designed that will satisfy your needs.

Hubshop tells stories. This company is a collaborative boutique made by designers and artisans that create innovative products that are sustainable, handmade and forward thinking.

Design Centers

The Rotterdam Collective is a new concept created to be focused on environmentally ans socially innovative projects.

Hulshoff Design Center provides changes based on your opinion. Created on 1981 , it includes since then a large variety of high-design furniture that you will want to incorporate in your house.


Restaurant Mi Fusion is an Asian dining restaurant in Rotterdam which responds to the needs of customers with a tasting menu where you can find Asian food culture.

Zino’s menu offer a wide selection of fresh dishes prepared with care, making maximum usa of ecological products. The wine list includes also ecological wine with high quality that tastes delicious.


Wereld Museum is a modern, progressive museum with a rich collection of historic art. It offers the opportunity to see art collections and to do some activities.

Nederlands FotoMuseum offers a rich program of exhibitions of big names in photography, young talented and amateurs. Is the only place in Netherlands where there is always a presentation on the history of Dutch photography can be seen.


Float Plaza is the perfect place for you to relax and have a different experience. Besides all the kind of massages they guarantee to you, they had a large activity selling products and creating a gift box that you can give to a friend with high quality products.

Casato is another place where you’ll enjoy the experience. Facial and body treatments, massages, and a package that combine all the services will make you love this spa and keep coming back for more.


The Winerie Bar Mendoza works as a wine-bar. Here, you can taste the most delicious and high qualities wines and buy them also. Enjoy the view, and provide drinks for parties up to 40 people.


MAMA is a project by the Public Art Squad Foundation from Rotterdam. It is a platform for culture and produces exhibitions based on young artists.

Aurora is the newest energy saving lighting showroom in Rotterdam with large experience that creates pieces available for costumer use.

Points of Interest

The Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam in an ethnographic museum founded in 1883 and that shows more than 1800 ethnographic objects from Asia, Oceania, Africa, America and Islamic heritage.
is the magical place in the city. This is a unique experience for the whole family that can see life besides this mini world. You will need time to visit Miniworld so take a day off as discover a fantasy world.

“All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.”"

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