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The Wow Effect: Limited Edition Octopod Table Clock by MB&F

Meet the Limited Edition Octopod Table Clock by MB&F ⇒  Introducing the OCTOPOD table clock, MB&F’s continues exploration of aquatic themes with an eight-leg, eight-day clock inspired by cephalopods, marine chronometers and The Abyss. The new MB&F clock takes its inspiration from the octopus, marine compasses and the bathysphere from the 1989 classic ‘The Abyss’. The Swiss watchmaking brand MB&F,  best Known for transforming traditional watchmaking techniques into futuristic and unconventional timekeeping machines, has delivered, once again, one of the most innovative timepieces ever. The timepiece was co-created with L’Epée 1839 is certainly a masterpiece that should look perfect in your living room.


Limited Edition Octopod Table Clock by MB&F


The ingenious design of the watch is comprised of 468 fine-finished components and it truly does take the form of a robotic octopus with a significant change, spidery legs. The timepiece from MB&F can be placed in a standing or crouching position and features a transparent spherical head. Its mechanisms and and movements appear to be completely suspended.



Limited Edition Table Clock by MB&F



Limited Edition Table Clock by MB&F


The clock’s eight-day movement is a new innovation from L’Epée 1839 and it includes a rotating escapement located on the minute hand, is available in 3 limited editions of 50 pieces each (black PVD, blue PVD, and palladium/silver) Each one is priced at CHF 35,000 which is about $36,445.


Limited Edition Table Clock by MB&F


Founded by Maximilian Busser in  2005, the creations from MB&F strive for technical perfection while also recurring to a whimsical theme. Although their pieces may be quite rare and exclusive, whenever one gets the chance to hold them, they are completely mesmerized by them as they are the epitome of progressive design. MB&F certainly got some of the boldest watches of modern days.

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Limited Edition Table Clock by MB&F


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Source: MB&F | Luxury Lanches

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