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El Calafante – City Guide

1El Calafate is a city in Patagonia, Argentina. It is situated in the southern border of Lake Argentino, in the southwest part of the Santa Cruz Province, about 320 km Northwest of Río Gallegos. Its name is derived from a little bush with yellow flowers and dark blue berries that is very common in Patagonia: the calafate (Berberis buxifolia); the word comes from the word “calafate”, which is Spanish for “caulk”.
El Calafate is an important tourist destination as the hub to visit different parts of the Los Glaciares National Park, including the Perito Moreno Glacier and the Cerro Chaltén and Cerro Torre.  3 54

 Hotels e Resorts


Design Suites Calafate
Located just 3 km do Calafate downtown, or Design Suites Calafate question presents uma uma possui decoração chique and indoor pool, sauna and Uma spa amenities. I traitements Spa podem be reserved E has no local amenities ginásio. Or login Wi-Fi and free. We do Design Calafate Estao quartos equipped com uma televisão of Ecrã out and Janelas plane by large, muita permitem to light input. Algumas suites dispõem of banheiras of oferecem8 hidromassagem and do Panoramic lake.Um à carte restaurant and um nonlocal fornecem refeições bar and beverage, tied manhã ao fim da noite. I admire podem vegetação hóspedes baixa, you da lake mountains eo Nimes Peninsula. Or um serviço hotel provides regular transportation or center. I hóspedes podem também escolher Lembranças na loja of nonlocal mind.

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Esplendor El C11alafate
The unique identity of this hotel lies in its contemporary focus towards Patagonian elements, designed with superior furnishings of the finest material: incense timbers, 12plasters made with native sands, stones and fabrics fused together with current materials such as resin, polyester, colored fibers and the veneers of refurbished woods. The studio of Plan Arquitectura (Mauro Bernardini, Cecilia Timossi) was in charge of the Architecture and Interior Design Project of Esplendor E1013l Calafate. For the hotel’s interior, Plan Arquitectura looked to implement originality fused with elements that described a city near the end of the world. For this reason, the studio summoned important painters, sculptors, and designer to participate in the work. Diverse areas of the hotel complement one another with a shared mystical vision of the eternal traveler seeking new adventures. Thus, the hotel Esplendor El Calafate takes on a new dimension, with a unique texture both authentic and special.


 La Tablita17
La Tablita is the oldest restaurant in El Calafate and has been visited by many celebrities from the artistic, sports, and political fields from Argentina and from all over the world.
Its specialty is the Patagonic lamb, as well as the beef, tenderloin, steak and flank. There is also delicious salmon and trout. You cannot miss out on the provoletas (grilled cheese), lamb’s tongue and Patagonic pickled hare.


La Posta
Best option that exists in El Calafate for those who want an optimal food and also a great service. The place is very small, fundamental reservations. The service is excellent, the dishes are perfect.

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 Museo do Hielo23Argentina has a brand new copy and glaciological museum, one of the few on this subject in the world. And no better place than El Calafate, the “Capital of the glaciers” to locate. This city is the main gateway to the southern part of Glacier National Park, famous for hosting the Perito Moreno glacier probably the most accessible, advertised and visited the planet. But in this protected area of 724,000 hectares (of which 30% are occupied by ice fields) are over 47 large glaciers and other natural landmarks of the continent. El Chalten is the urban center of reference to enter the northern sector of the park, where you can make mountain crossings to myths of mountaineering as the Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre or spectacular glaciers as Viedma, 1,000 km ² of surfac.


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 Centro de Interpretação Historica El Calafante
The “Calafate” Historical Interpretation Center is a constant exhibition of natural and human history of the last 100 million years in the Southern Patagonia, recognized with the Scientific Sponsorship of La Plata Museum of Natural Sciences of the UNLP (National University of La Plata).

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  Imago Hotel & Spa
Imago is the word Greeks 27used when refer to the image. Based on this, our Philosophy aims at helping guests to achieve the correct balance between their inner and outer selves, hence helping them look and also feel well. This positions Imago Spa as the destination for mental, physical and spiritual relaxation. 2928

Points of Interest

Attractions in El Calafate32The best attractions calafante  http://www.tripadvisor.com/AllLocations-g312851-c2-AttractionsEl_Calafate_Province_of_Santa_Cruz_Patagonia.html

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