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Dallas – City Guide

“All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.”


The Adolphus is an historical downtown hotel. Discover the past stepping inside a luxury place where you can rest feeling like royalty. If you want to make a business meeting, The Adolphus provides you special rooms that will satisfy your needs.

Magnolia Hotels is known as one of the most recognized buildings in Dallas. With modern architecture and historic behind, this hotel will fulfill your needs with special offers like a complimentary breakfast service, a complimentary evening reception with house wine, transportation to area attractions, and a 24-hour fitness room.

W Dallas Victory Hotel is the best place if you want to enjoy experiences that you have never felt before. Besides the typically room services that will always be chosen by you, they provides treatments, massages and facial cares while you swim on their pool.


Barry Whistler Gallery shows you that art is everywhere. With a huge list of artists that includes Linnea Glatt and Toni LaSelle, they provide exhibitions every month of the year.

Recognized as one of the best galleries in 2012, Marty Walker Gallery shows us contemporary art by mid-career and emerging artists. Marty Walker Gallery collaborates with numerous national and international institutions, museums and galleries to bring dynamic and challenging work to Dallas.

Design Shops

Collage 20th Century is one of the most well respected and established design shop in the country and is known for their extensive collection of important architect-designed and designer furniture.

Mody & Mody cares the best because they are always in love with their products and they hope you too. Their showrooms are a reflection of their personal style and it helps you creating luxurious atmospheres that fulfill your needs.

Design Center

Dallas design center provides showrooms that represents many of the design most prized manufacturers and artisans. Their offers include furniture (luxurious, traditional and contemporary), carpet and rugs, bedding, art work and accessories.


“All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.”

Dakota’s is knows since they opened their doors in Dallas in 1984. Dakota’s unique underground location has an interesting story behind it. The restaurant is decorated with a hand-cut Italian Carrera marble floor and has authentic art deco lamps and mirrors located in the back of the restaurant. Most important: Dakota’s menus are deliciously made by experience chefs from all over the world.

La Calle Doce is the home of Mexican seafood. Founded in 1981, when Dallas was missing Mexican food, is has been a huge success with their fresh ingredients. So enjoy the rich culture of coastal Mexico through their flavorful cuisine where they offer daily special, friendly smiles and a cozy atmosphere and traditional menu.


Dallas Museum of Art makes art happens. No matter if you are on a business travel, you should not miss this place that presents you always different exhibitions by African Art, painting and sculpture and Mediterranean art. Search the website and select the program that is adequate to your situation.

The Sixth Floor Museum presents permanent exhibitions based on President Kennedy’s life, but also presents contemporary culture within the context of presidential history.


King Spa & Sauna has Korean inspiration and it is the best place for you to relax and de-stress. The King Spa & Sauna has grabbed the attention of the American media and public with it’s globally competitive new concept of a family oriented well-being sauna and spa, offering a complete sauna experience with 9 unique healing sauna rooms, acupressure massage for body and foot and movie theatre.

Grand Spa brings together the most amazing treatments, products and services dedicated to make your experience simply unique. At Grand Spa, you can find facial and body treatments, waxing, massages, nails and hair.


The wineries in Dallas are not the oldest, or the biggest, or the fanciest, but when it comes to the wine, Dallas made wines are some of the best wines made in the USA. If you want to experience some of them, visit Dallas Wine Trail.

Calais is a French winery in Houston that uses French techniques to produce high quality wines. Weekly, this winery hosts wine tasting events.


Henredon is an Interior Design Showroom in the centre of Dallas that shows one of the most amazing furniture galleries that offers over ten manufacturers for furniture, accessories and lighting to the design trade.

Hickory shows you timeless designs, talented artisan and premium materials combined with an personal story and personal style.

Luxury Properties

“All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.”

This house provides fabulous downtown, uptown and Victory views. You can design and finish with your own personal taste. Potential three bedrooms, three fireplaces, and three living areas. Five star amenities-valet, room service, pet park, full service spa, and fitness center.

“All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.”

In a beautiful forest place, there is a house that will fulfill your dreams. With a traditional style this house offers exceptional views over the waterfront lake.

Points of interest

Nasher Sculpture Center is a museum that is one of the most attractive places in Dallas. With a collection of modern and contemporary sculpture, it provides and international focal point for the art lovers that will meet some of the most amazing sculptures ever made.

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