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Buenos Aires – City Guide

1Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina, and the second-largest metropolitan area in South America, after Greater São Paulo. It is located on the western shore of the estuary of the Río de la Plata, on the southeastern coast of the South American continent.
Greater Buenos Aires conurbation, which also includes several Buenos Aires Province districts, constitutes the third-largest conurbation in Latin America, with a population of around thirteen million.

 Puerto Madero on the Rio Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2

Hotels e Resorts

Faena Hotel + Universe
8Conveniently located in Buenos Aires, Faena Hotel + Universe Hotel is a great base from which to explore this vibrant city. From here, guests can enjoy easy access to all that the lively city has to offer. No less exceptional is the hotel’s easy access to the city’s myriad attractions and landmarks, such as Fragata Sarmiento, Puente de la Mujer, Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur. Faena Hotel + Universe Hotel also offers many facilities to enrich your stay in Buenos Aires.6
Guests of the hotel can enjoy on-site features like bar/pub, airport transfer, restaurant, poolside bar, laundry service/dry cleaning.

  7 5

Dazzler Tower Recoleta
Dazzler Tower Recoleta hotel features 141 rooms of Classic category, fully equipped for an unforgettable stay in Buenos Aires.
All rooms in this modern hotel in Recoleta have double paned soundproof windows to rest after a long day and to enjoy the view of the beautiful quaint residential area in the city. They also
feature Wi-Fi Internet, 32″ LCD with cable TV and table with working chair.

9 10

11Esplendor Buenos Aires
The legendary “Hotel Phoenix” reopened to become a new symbol of Buenos Aires. Now called “Esplendor Buenos Aires”, the hotel combines the classic façade of the building —declared historic patrimony 12of the city— with totally remodelled interiors of avant-garde design.
The combination of the classic façade and the modern interior give the hotel a special character, which makes “Esplendor Buenos Aires” 13simply unique.
The perimeter of all the walls of each the floor is illuminated, which highlights the beauty of the old patio—now an art gallery— and of the four metre high doors.



Buenos Aires is a city of culture, and is rightfully known for it. Whatever your tastes, the city is likely to have a venue which will suitably whet your creative appetite. Our writers have delved into the local art scene to bring you some hidden gems, away behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Galería de arte de Carlos Regazzoni
Juan Perez Ropa y Arte


This city is full of love.
Buenos Aires does not simply tolerate or encourage art but loves it and lives it. Everyone here has some kind of artistic background, they cherish art and when there is an art event EVERYONE goes.
It’s like if someone took your hometown art community, multiplied it by a million and moved it to Argentina.

16 17 18

Design Center

Buenos Aires Design
Buenos Aires Design are y el primer single mall dedicated themed entirely al design, decoration equipment.



Casa Cruz
The environment is beautiful and cool, a mix between classic and modern. The decor is chic with a touch of boldness. Besides the red armchairs and giant flower arrangements around the room, with a wall to ceiling wine draws attention.

22 20 21

Restaurante Tarquino
Who knows the city, knows the rich cuisine that the city has. It will tell you never heard in meat that fall apart in your mouth, and are super juicy.

23 24


25The Buenos Aires Contemporary Art Museum
The Buenos Aires Contemporary Art Museum (BACAM) is located in the capital of Argentina known for its rich cultural life and upcoming art scene. Puerto Madero’s Waterfront is in a critical intersection between landscape and urban development. It brings together the natural beauty of the Río de la Plata, the rich culture and influential history of the city, and the exciting possibilities of a growing and developing community. Shelby Ponce & Eduardo Ponce took the first place.262728

Museo Bicentenario
As a result of the celebrations of the bicentenary of independence of Argentina, an incredible museum was opened just behind the Casa Rosada. I found the amazing location and history. In the days when the Spanish arrived here, this huge avenue that crosses behind the Casa Rosada was actually the river. There was the strong principle of the eighteenth century. And after excavations on sites which have been made to make room for the river met constructions of the time. From these excavations, the museum was created to guard relics of Argentine presidents, besides the memory of those 200 years of independence. They kept some of the original walls of the fort.

29 31 30 32

Museo Central34
Few buildings in the City of Buenos Aires may turn out to be as attractive and evocative as Munich Brewery once was. In the heart of Costanera Sur, it is a vestige of a splendorous past and the promise of a new future.

33 35


Estilo Spa37
While there is no true origin of the word spa, some people refer to the Belgian town of Spa, known in Roman times for its baths. Others attr ibute it to the Latin “salus per aquam” (health through water). But today, Spa, combines leisure and health. Centres where water therapies are used either in pools, hot tubs, baths or saunas. Unlike the hot springs, where the water has medicinal mineral pro perties in the spa water is used for its different common types of baths.



Colmegna Spa Urbano

Colmegna Spa has a beauty Body: a space dedicated to pampering where each woman and each man will find the appropriate proposal to achieve their health and beauty goals.
Treatments performed at the Center for Aesthetic Body respond to a holistic conception of the organism. The goal is to shape, tone and reduce until a healthy body with which we feel comfortable and vital and most important: without losing sight of the integral aspect of the organism as a whole.


Vitrum Spa
Located on the open-air terrace, the spa is a unique place to relax and get away from it all. Two masaje rooms, a large Jacuzzi, sauna, gymnasium, and steam bath are the highlights of this area.
A soft architecture and extremely relaxed tone allow you to contemplate Palermo Hollywood from a unique vantage point. Vitrum’s Urban Spa is specially desingned to offer you an exclusibe service for your health, beauty and wellbeing.

 42 41 43 44


Rustic Eating in Caballito46
Buenos Aires is the kind of city with hidden treasures on every street. We were walking down Calle Gaona in Caballito, both of us grumpy with hunger, when we happened to pass by Bellagamba. Stepping inside, we discovered one of the coolest bodegas we’ve yet seen in the city.
Hundreds of old photographs line the walls, along with bookshelves and ancient paintings. The interior was huge, and filled with dining booths and tables. In the back, a small terrace allowed for open air munching. A craftsman was occupying one of the terrace tables, refurbishing an old suitcase. But we hardly blinked: Bellagamba feels like the kind of place where there might be craftsmen around while you eat, refurbishing old suitcases.Buenos Aires is the kind of city with
hidden treasures on every street. We were walking down Calle Gaona in Caballito, both of us grumpy with hunger, when we happened to pass by Bellagamba. Stepping inside, we discovered one of the coolest bodegas we’ve yet seen in the city.

47 48 45

Show Rooms

BIG BKF Buenos Aires


BIG BKF Buenos Aires offers a select variety of designer premium leather lounge chairs based on the original BKF (1938) butterfly chair design. All of our premium argentine leathers are hand-selected and artisanally made. Frames are quickly assembled & disassembled into four pieces, optimal for easy transport and storage. BIG BKF Buenos Aires ofrece una variada selección de sillones de diseño de cuero premium basados en el BKF original (1938).

Country Club Living

Visual art show in Buenos Aires
The house is located in a private country club, outside the city of Buenos Aires. Terrain’s main feature, is a defined northern orientation in coincidence with the best and main view, pointing right at the polo field.
The owners, a young couple with children, whose principal and most important request was to have an appropriate place for meetings and social life, and a private refuge as well, so as to rest themselves from the club´s surrounding

50 51 52

Deserty Home Living

Casa em Costa Esmeralda56
The answer proyectual looking to capitalize on the level difference between the street level and inside the site. For this reason, we decided to solve the housing into two perpendicularly intersecting volumes in “L” at different levels, opting to provide more privacy in support on the volume level of the lot containing the private use of the house, placing it perpendicular to front.

55 54 53

Casa AV, en Villa Gesell
The client’s request was a house to rent, about 100m2, with a constructive proposal aesthetic similar to the other homes built in the area for the study. The basic needs were required for this type of summer house: two bedrooms, one with private bathroom, kitchen to the social area and places to be outdoors.

58 57 59

Luxury Properties

Mansion in Buenos Aires
Rarely does an estate of this calibre come on the market. Originally built in 1932 by renowned Architect José Mille, this mansion was conceived by its first owners, the Pereyra Iraola family, as their estates manor. Exceptionally wide and sublime, it reminds us of palaces like Versailles or the Loire given its pure state of French Classicism. All these characteristics make it unique.
With a cover surface of 3,900 sq mt (41,983 sq ft) and a terrace of more than 400 sq mt (4,306 sq ft), walking around Casa Abril is an unequalled experience. This splendid chateau style residence was built on two levels and benefits from North-South double-exposure. It features incredibly spacious rooms with high ceilings and stone walls. On the ground floor there are central halls and rooms which are surrounded by wide galleries and internal corridors. There is a smoking room covered with book shelves and woodwork. It features chimneys with handcarved marble brought from Europe.

60 62 63 61

Art Shows

Visual art show in Buenos Aires66
A visitor views an artwork during a visual art

show at the exhibition center in  Buenos Aires.

65 64
Discover the Art of Tango in Buenos Aires68
Experience Tango with the locals of Buenos Aires and learn about the fascinating culture that revolves around it. Dancing Tango is much more than remembering the correct steps, it is a silent dialogue between two dancers that will draw you in with its absolute passion and seduction. Like conversations, the dance depends on the person, so every dance is different and the combinations are infinite.


The Hostel Colonial best selection – Buenos Aires Street Art – Bonus Track
The Buenos Aires neighborhoods painted in this post: Palermo, San Telmo, Downtown, Montserrat, Devoto, San Nicolás, Belgrano, Colegiales, Versailles, Nuñez and Villa Urquiza.

72 73 71 70 69

Points of Interest

75Ideas Turisticas
We are a knowledgeable, experienced Travel Company in Argentina dedicated to the organization of high-end individual and group travels.
Ideas Travel Specialists are leaders in providing comprehensive luxury service whether in depth tour services throughout South America or planning high-end individual and group travel plans. http://www.ideasturisticas.com/special-interest/art-music.html 7677 74

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