Basel, Mecca of Art

Home to Art Basel, the most important contemporary art fair in the world, this northern Switzerland city on the border with France and Germany has a cultural impact that far outweighs Basel’s actual size. The Kunstmuseum Basel, the oldest museum in Switzerland, houses European masterworks that span from Holbein to Picasso, and Schauleger, a museum and institute designed by hometown duo Herzog & de Meuron, contains the stupendous Emmanuel Hoffman Foundation collection of more than 400 modern masterpieces from the likes of Cindy Sherman and Richard Tuttle.

ART_Basel_  Basel, Mecca of Art ART Basel

Kunstmuseum_Basel  Basel, Mecca of Art Kunstmuseum Basel

In the St Johann neighbourhood, the pharmaceutical giant Novartis has a campus with 17 buildings either built or under construction from a star lineup of the most famous architects in the world, such as Frank Gehry, Tadao Ando, Rem Koolhaas and of course, Herzog & de Meuron. “For a relatively small town, Basel has an incomparably high amount of quality cultural events,” said Davy Hess, managing director at Engel & Völkers Basel.

Schalulager_Basel  Basel, Mecca of Art Schalulager Basel