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Ankara City Guide

Click names on bold to further details, locations and prices.

Turkey’s capital and jewel of the crown

Can a city be excessively cosmopolitan? No way!  Ankara is the proof to it. More than 4 million people live in one of the most historical cities in the world. It is the main link between Europe and Asia. Whatever is your creed, skin color, age or nationality; in Ankara you’ll feel welcomed. And we’re sure there is anything in Ankara that you can relate to. Give an opportunity to this 5 millennium old city and the rewards are impressive.

All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.

Ankara’s skyline at night is a pleasure to watch



Haci Arif beyWhen in Turkey, you must try the kebab, the most famous local meal. In Haci Arif bey you’ll try not only the best kebab in the town but probably the best in the world.

CafemizCafemiz is a lovely, budget restaurant that everyone loves. The chances are that you’ll get back every day once you try the pasta.

Ege RestaurantA vegan’s favorite, Ege’s menu is based on the Mediterranean diet.

Hotels & Resorts

JW Marriott Hotel AnkaraThis 5-star hotel is located on the modern part of Ankara, near the commercial and industrial center. Perfect for businessman.

Swissotel AnkaraAnother 5-star hotel near the presidential palace combining Turkish cultural elements with Switzerland opulence.

Divan Ankara This hotel won the Traveller’s Choice Award 2012. Has not only beds and restaurants but also bakeries, a convention center, a patisserie and special parties all year long.



KavaklidereThough it’s hard to find a winery in this mainly-Islamic city, Kavaklidere is the first private wine producer in the country. Pay a visit to the unique vineyards.



Arete SanatArete Sanat’s exhibits focus mainly on paintings. Realism and impressionism are the main movements displayed.

Ankara AntikacilikA fine arts gallery and antiques auction place known for the bargains.


Design Shops

KarincaKarinca’s pieces will please everyone with their postmodern kitsch design.

ElfeElfe is the finest fashion design shop in all Ankara with a team packed with the most prominent Turkish artists.




Design Center

CermodernAnkara’s Design Center is a modern building with exhibition halls, art galleries and musical venues. An all-in-one place for arts and design.



Etnography MuseumThis marble post-Ottoman building has a wide-variety of collections ranging between the porcelain and the woodwork.

Anadolu Medeniyetleri MuzesiThe Anatolian museum assets are so large that only a portion of them can be displayed at the same time.

Kurtulus Savasi MuzesiA major part of Turkey history is displayed in this museum dedicated to the War of Independence.


Country Club Living

Capital Country ClubThe most exclusive place in Ankara has the country’s most beautiful equestrian course and 24hour amenities to make you forget about the world outside.


Luxury Properties

4+2 Villa

9+1 Apartment


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