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Amsterdam – City Guide

All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.

Amsterdam is the capital of Neetherlands and one of the most powerfull financial centers in Europe. No matter if you’re travelling in business, there are some cultural attractions that you should not miss. So let’s find some places for you to be in love with Amsterdam.

Hotels & Resorts

All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.

Feel welcome visiting NL Hotel. This is the place where you’ll find comfort based on an open-mind philosophy. Rooms are based on contemporary design and modern art.

Steel Bed & Breakfast can be found on the ground floor of a characteristic warehouse. Located in the old centre of Amsterdam, on the inside you can find a very stylish design.  Steel’s biggest plus must be that privacy is fully guaranteed because it consists in one suite only. The guest don’t need to worry either about reservations or guestlists at Amsterdam’s hotspots. Management makes sure their guests are treated like vips on their night out.

Miauw is a place based on a luxury apartment style, where you can inspire yourself. Located on the nicest area in Amsterdam, this place will give the comfort you need. Otherwise, if you need to work while you’re in Miauw, the hotel gives you the opportunity to rest in a special room where you’ll find computers, access to the internet and an standard software installed that you can use.


Reflex Art Gallery represents works focused on paintings and photography. This gallery allows you to meet limited editions and books and takes part in art fairs nationally and abroad such as Arco Madrid, Armory Photography Show, Artissima Turijn, Art Brussels, EAB Fair New York en Art Amsterdam. The gallery provides you an collection of about 1700 miniature works of art made by more than 700 artists from 70 different nationalities.

Torch Art Gallery started functioning as a springboard for emerging Duch artists. Now it is based on style, media and artistic approaches and offer art consultancy and book publishing giving a refreshing perspective on our world. It is based on themes like identity, sensuality and nature providing future for the artists of tomorrow.

Design shops

Anno provides contemporary design furniture. If you are looking for high quality furniture, this is the place. Pieces designed for you and inspired on your needs is what you can find in this store.

Droog is like a dream coming true. Droog offers a selection of accessories, lighting, furniture and studio work that change your experience of daily life. Is pioneer on new design directions, new collaborations, creative tools and business models that offer a unique perspective. This is a design shop that you should not miss.

Mexx Design Center Architecture is the place that you’ve got to visit. This is an office that unites the taste for design, business and includes departments that make their message reach worldwide. A harmonious and comfortable place where you can find the most amazing side from design.


Proef is an amazing place if you want to have dinner with a group of friends. Here you can find an amazing place with delicious food. Rated 4.5 of 5 on TripAdvisor, in Proef you will experience magic dinners, no-nonsense and fun eating from good ingredients. Sharing is the central theme in Proef. What they serve depends on the season and what quality products are available.

Situated in Frankendael Park, between the Rembrandt Tower and the nineteenth century facades of Water­graafs­meer, De Kas is an oasis of calm for the fifty-thousand guests who dine there each year. The interior of this Restaurant is amazing. They have all organized by sections, which means you have a Garder Room, the Restaurant, the Greenhouse and the Business Room to make you feel comfortable.

All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.


If  you want to know a little bit of the Amsterdam Van Loon family, you have to go to Museum Van Loon. Looking from the outside, it looks like a normal house, but the moment you spet in, you will find a whole new world of mystery an knowledge. In the rooms, a large collection of paintings, fine furniture, precious silvery and porcelain from different centuries is on display. Behind the house is a beautiful garden, an oasis of quiet in the modern inner city.

If you’re in Amsterdam you must visit the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. This place is located at Museum Square, situated in the center of Amsterdam. The National Museum, the Rijksmuseum, is where you can find a wonderful collection of Dutch art and history. After a visit to the Rijksmuseum you will have more historical and cultural awareness and you will have seen some of the greatest Dutch cultural highlights.


Grand Hotel Amrâth provides you the time to relax that you need after spend few hours travelling by plain. At Wellness & Spa you can enjoy a relaxing massage, a facial treatment and a treatment for hands and feet. The Amrâth professionals use the top cosmetics brand, Babor.

Spa Zuiver is a comfortable place surrounded by luxurious treatments. Here you can enjoy a complete “Wellness experience” making your own “Day Program” and combining various rooms, baths and treatments.


Wine2Taste wants to share the passion for wine. They offer a wide range and invite you to ally with them to try their pure and tasty wines. Whether you experience a flowery Rosé, a sultry Australian or a stubborn French, Wine2Taste make sure that you are served sincere wine.

Wines Unlimited started their activitie in 1998 offering a wide range of products and services, including wine tastings, wine courses, master classes, themed workshops, special events and wine sales. This wine shop contains a large selection of top quality and reasonably priced wines from all over the world.


Sevil Peach creates a great experience. It is like coming home after a long trip, always finding de design pieces that you need. This company provides support to people that want exclusive pieces based on architecture projects, interior design and space planning.

Luxury properties

On the 19th floor of the building “New Amsterdam”, you can find a luxurious house that will become a dream. It’s a penthouse designed by Dik Smeding that shows a new trens in Amsterdam. The building has a warm atmosphere through the combination of stone and colored glass panels.

Art Shows

Dutch painters are famous around the world, and there is a long tradition being continued by several artists. January is the month when you can see 30 most important galleries in Netherlands and Belgium show their realistic art collections. During this event, an awards in given each year to one figurative artist, selected by the jury.

Points of interest

All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.

Anne Frank is one of the most famous historical personality from Amsterdam. After her death, her diary was published to expose the horrific discrimination the Jews suffered under the Nazis. The building where Anne Frank hid with her family in now one of the city’s most visited museums, you should not miss.

A visit to Van Gogh Museum is a unique experience. This place contains a large collection of painting by Van Gogh and provides the opportunity to see other artists from the 19th century.

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