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Top 5 most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the city with more people in all California state. Besides the hot weather, which is good for the tourists that are just passing by for some days, they have a spot on restaurants that you should try. On this article, Best Design Guides shows you the 5 most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles.




Top 5 most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles


One of the most expensive sushi restaurants in America, the master Hiro Urasawa himself performs culinary magic and craftsmanship at this luxurious counter in the heart of Beverly Hills. The multi-course meal includes a kaiseki-like element of composed dishes, as well as a slew of uber-fresh omakase-style sushi courses. Without a doubt one of the most celebrated restaurants in L.A., and its center of culinary opulence and excellence.
Top 5 most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles


Wolfgang Puck’s ode to all things beef resides in the elegent Beverly Wilshire, where a Richard Meier-designed space in a clean, modern ambiance allows the steaks to shine. Decadence knows almost no heights with the stellar selection of American and Australian beef grades of various ages. There’s also a new selection of true Kobe beef steaks, a rarity in L.A. The sides and appetizers are no slouch either, with the likes of bone marrow flan taking the cake.
Top 5 most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles


Perhaps the most serious seafood restaurant in L.A., chef Michael Cimarusti plates excellently prepared fish in its most natural state, revealing amazing flavors. The spot prawn, uni, and cheese courses are highlights. The stately room makes a perfect place to quietly enjoy Cimarusti’s inventive tasting menus, while top-notch wine pairings will give you the ideal beverage to toast. The cocktail program is also surprisingly terrific for a restaurant of this caliber.

Top 5 most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles


Considered one of the most expensive restaurants in America, this plush dining room in Santa Monica feels understated yet regal, with purple hues and thick white tablecloths. Chef Josiah Citrin creates impeccable, imaginative dishes using seasonable produce and delicacies. The Carte Blanche menu is for those who want the best of the best. The wine list might be one of the best in L.A., with some bottles reaching the $1,000 mark.

Top 5 most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles


With its new digs in the Walt Disney Concert Hall, this restaurant is back at the top of its game. Helmed by Master Chef Joachim Splichal, this fine-dining restaurant applies classic French technique into seasonal tasting menus, but the real draw is the caviar service, cheese cart, and spectacular wine list deep with old vintages that makes Patina the ideal place to have a world-class experience.
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