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The best guide for 5 summer destinations

Summer holidays are short and you definitely should make sure that it fulfill all the holiday expectations. What is the most important things for making it perfect? Probably “Eat well, pray well, love well” as Julia Roberts would said. And these are really the things that people do need: food, rest and entertainment. Best design guides suggest 5 travel destinations that combine it all. Let’s get to see why.

  • Northern Italy

Entertainment: Since May 1 till October 31 in Milan there is World’s fair event called EXPO. This year’s theme is “Feeding the planet, energy for life” and it is the second time it’s held in Milan. So visiting Northern Italy this summer is worth even just for that.

Food: Italian cuisine is all about pasta and you shouldn’t get home till you try lasagna, pasta a la Carbonara and pasta Bolognese.

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Rest: You know those beautiful places with blue water, some mountains and vivid houses with flowers all around them. So this is the place where they are hiding! And here are also beautiful beaches like Paraggi, Lavagna, Camogli in so called Italian Riviera which are beautiful as well.


Entertainment: You should visit Ubud where most of Balinese art galleries and museums are gathered. For instance “Purl Lukisan” museum has a collection of modern art, „Neka Museum“ has a lot of paintings made by both  Indonesian as well as foreign artists.

Food: Could there be better occasion to try one of the most delicious dishes in the world if not on holidays? Probably not. And here Balinese cuisine fits perfectly. One of their main traditional dish Nasi goring was voted to be the second most delicious dish in the world by 2011 CNN poll.

Rest: Don’t miss the chance to visit one of those Bali’s black-sand beaches. Do you have a question why they are black? It comes from iron, titanium, and other minerals deposited by Bali’s once-active volcanoes.


Entertainment: When looking for pictures of Istanbul rather often you get the view of big cathedral with four iconic minarets. If you now wondering what is it, we can tell you – it’s Hagia Sophia and it’s so popular not without the reason. Now this building is included in UNESCO World Heritage site!

Food: Instead of trying simple Turkish kebab try Hunkar Begendi. It is cooked lamb in tomato sauce with pureed eggplant which name literally means “his majesty liked it”. If lords liked it, there is no reason why you couldn’t. And it is said that this dish is so good that when well-prepared it’s just melt in the mouth.

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Rest: For relaxation don’t miss the chance to lay down in one of the most beautiful beaches in Mediterranean coast which is called Dalia beach. Here is all you need for resting: sea, sand, forest and mountains.




  • Barcelona

Entertainment: In the mood for artistic and colorful city? Than Barcelona is perfect for you. With its famous architect Antoni Gaudi and his creations Barcelona can be call the most vivid city in Europe. Don’t miss the chance to see his creations: La Sagrada Família, Park Güell, and La Pedrera at Casa Milà.

Food: There is nothing more Spanish than the tradition of tapas. On the hot summer days order some cold sangria and special Spanish appetizers which usually includes patatas bravas, croquets or bread with tomatoes.

Rest: Feel the holiday atmosphere with palms, hotels and 1100 metres of the seaside in the most famous Barcelona’s beach called Barceloneta.


  • Cambodia

Entertainment: Have you ever visited the largest religious monument in the world? If not, than Cambodia is the perfect summer destination for you. Angkor Wat, the religious monument, is not only the most important archaeological sites in South-East Asia but also the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Food: How does it sound fish in coconut cream with curry wrapped in banana leaves? If not delicious than for sure exotic. Try Cambodia’s traditional dish –fish amok and the new experience will be guaranteed.

Rest: If you need a real pleasure for your eyes as well as for a body, Cambodia’s white-sand beaches situated in Monkey Island would be the greatest decision.


There are thousands of beautiful place to visit, but if you are in mood for taking everything you can from your holidays, this list should be your number one guide.

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