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Seattle City Guide

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Smells Like Urban Spirit

Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest and one of the most influential cities of the United States. 4 million inhabitants will be glad to have you visiting the burgh. Back in the 90’s Seattle became the place to be at. The city hosted world famous TV Shows and movies (remember Frasier and 10 Things I Hate About You?), the music scene went mad about grunge with Nirvana and Pearl Jam and it’s high-tech companies such as Microsoft were the cream of the crop way before Silicon Valley. Nevertheless, the city’s qualities remain intact throughout the years and you must consider visiting Seattle if you’re looking for an elegant, vibrant and history-packed location to spend your time.

All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.
Seattle’s skyline at night

Where to stay?

Whether you’re looking for modern state-of-the-art facilities or those sweet spot locations with lovely views and plenty to do, Seattle has it all. In fact, you don’t even have to choose, it will all come to you. The Edgewater Hotel¸ a waterfront hotel located on Elliot Bay stands out for its local cuisine, its unique view at the bay and the highly regarded decoration. For business trips the cosmopolitan W Hotel Seattleoffers its location at the downtown, financial center and the architecture – both smart and sophisticated, the building is a landmark on his own. If you’re after a peaceful time away from the urban landscape consider staying at the Willows Lodgesurrounded by snow in the winter and a lovely greenish environment during the spring; in both seasons you can always pay a visit to one of the great wineries nearby or take a walk across the Sammamish River.

Restaurants and wineries

Seattle’s local cuisine focus is mainly on seafood being a seaside town. Get a reservation on Ray’s Boathouse and you’ll be presented the best fresh fish in the town and a picturesque nautical décor. Bizzarro, as its name points out, it’s almost an gastronomical institution – imagine the greatest Italian pastas eaten in a place full of exquisite works of art around (and upon) the tables. For the brunch you may want to take a look at 5 Spot for the traditional American morning dishes like French toasts and huevos rancheros in an upbeat atmosphere praised for most of its customers. Regarding wineries the first place to go may be Cadence Winerywith two wines making the top 100 List and the main winemaker appointed as Winemaker of the Year by the Seattle Magazine. At Corfini Cellarsyou will not only taste some of the finest wines of Washington State but you can also watch the winemaking process and see some exceptional vineyards along the way.

All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.

Ray’s Boathouse is not only a great restaurant but also one of Seattle’s iconic places


Art World

Seattle art world is unmatched by any other city in the West of the US. More than 1 million people each year visit the SAM (Seattle Art Museum), one of the largest and most-praised art facilities in the country with 25.000+ collection pieces. The alternative visitant will feel at home at the EMP, a reference in the contemporary pop culture and a leading institution for the sci-fi, music addicts. Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park offers a great variety of public art, something the city is well-known for. The city has dozens of galleries featuring a wide-range of artistic movements: in the alternative field Gallery4Cultureis a no-brain choice with its innovative and underground art. And because glass can be transformed into great artworks, a visit to the Vetrigallery at Pike Place is something you won’t regret. Collectors may want to head directly to the Seattle artREsource, specialized in the fine arts trading and resale.

All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.

Space Needle and EMP easily catch the eye of the visitant 


            Hot Design

            As a vibrant, artistic city, Seattle has its share of design shops and centers. Space Oddity, named after Bowie’s song, has a catalogue of vintage furniture blending the kitsch, chiq and retro. At Pikes Placeyou will have access to a manifoldness of antiques in the most touristic location. Velocity Art and Designbrings together most of the great American furniture boutiques bringing your jaw close to floor at the same time. If you not yet decided which shop is your favorite, try the Seattle Design Center, jam-packed with the best new designers and pieces.

Club Living

            Although its downtown area offers a great deal of fun & leisure, Seattle’s green acres hide some overwhelming features for the demanding client. Overlake Golf & Country Clubprovides the finest activities such as golf, tennis and pool facilities for you and your family given the senior and junior renowned programs. The Harbor Clubpretends to elevate your life and those of your potential clients with fined furnished dining and meeting rooms where you can taste innovative seasonal menus while enjoying the Elliot Bay view. For women exclusively The Sunset Clubstands as an institution specialized in bringing ladies bright side to Seattle’s society.

All business listings submitted with a list of hotels and Resorts, city guides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, tour, SPA and all you need to know.

The Seattle design Center is the core institution concerning Northwestern design



            It’s hard to come to Seattle and not have fun, as you noticed already! That being said, it’s time to talk about things-to-do. Space Needleis probably Seattle’s main attraction, its own modern Eiffel Tower and the greatest spot to see the city skyline. Because every one of us has once dreamt to be a bird, The Museum of Flightwill keep you busy having fun for a whole day. Do you fancy sports? Seattle has major league teams in both NFL and MLB, the world’s best sports leagues. And do you have a thing for celebrities? While in Seattle you may look for Eddie Vedder, Bill Gates and Adam West, as they all live there. So many special people choosing Seattle as home can’t be wrong, right? Think less, travel more. Seattle’s waiting.

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