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Mendoza – City Guide

1Mendoza is the capital city of Mendoza Province, in Argentina. It is located in the northerncentral part of the province, in a region of foothills and high plains, on the eastern side of the Andes. As of the 2001 census, Mendoza’s population was 110,993. The metropolitan population was 848,660 in 2001, making Greater Mendoza the fourth largest census metropolitan area in the country. 3 2 4

Hotels e Resorts

El Agua Miel5
When exposing elements in the simplest and clearest way, they appeal directly to the senses.
The hotel resembles the old European warehouses that were first constructed in the zone. Having the Andes Mountains as a background setting, the project generates a relation between nature and the unique personal experience through the diverse existing materials that shape the resort.
Concerned in respecting the environment and by our interest in the traditional constructive methods that can add to this vision, wood was chosen as the predominant building material. Wood is ecologically sustainable due to the fact that originates from renewable and native plantations found in the area and needs the smallest amount of energy to manufacture in comparison with others options like concrete, steel or aluminum.


Park Hyatt Mendoza Hotel Casino & Spa, Argentina
Park Hyatt hotels are home to some of the world’s finest art. From Ed Paschke to Gerhard Richter and many others, take a moment to discover the artistry and brilliance in the collection of paintings, sculptures or other Objects d’Art that enhance the beauty of each hotel’s contemporary interior.

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Modigliani Art and Design Suites Mendoza
Or hotel situation is not downtown Mendoza. Fica only 30 m da Avenida San Martin, a main commercial rua da Cidade. Fica também to poucos Passos da rua pedonal Sarmiento (kilometer zero conhecida as or). A poucos
quarteirões, I hóspedes encontrarão or convenções center and Exposições Angel Bustelo, or San Martin Park, or Park Civic Governamentais Edifícios com os e judiciários, and several bars também provas of vinho com, museus and art galleries.

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Laura Hart | Artista Visual16
Laura has extensive experience in coordinating workshops, since this activity is developing pedagócia since 1982, when he coordinated the first for the City of Catamarca. From then on were a constant in his life.

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Bodega O. Fournier
O Fournier G was founded in 2000. Our main objective is to become an international group focused on high-quality wines. Our plan is to produce approximately 105 million bottles in different regions: Argentina, Chile, Ribera del Duero, Rioja and Douro (Portugal). To date, the Group owns estates in Mendoza and Ribera del Duero. In total, the Group owns over 453 Has. Of land of which 160 Has. Are planted with vineyards of up to 57 years of ge.

18 2019  21

Killka is located in the heart of Valle de Uco one of the main wine regions of Mendoza, surrounded by the Andean desert and mountains. It is one of the buildings within the Salentein Winery.24

This building acts as a gate welcoming all visitors. It consists of a symmetrical square ground plan with a central patio, penetrated by a long axis, which structures the whole set of buildings longitudinally.

  23 25


Museo del Pasado Cuyano
The Museum of Dr. Edmundo Belts Cuyano Past was inaugurated on May 24, 1967 as a place needed to make visible the regional history of the provinces of Mendoza, San Juan and La Rioja, whose study is bound specifically the Board of Historical Studies Mendoza. Occupies the building that belonged to Don Francisco Civit, ex-governor of Mendoza, and was declared a National Historic Landmark on November 12, 1970.
In total, the museum occupies sixteen rooms and four courtyards. When followed, the story seems to delight in the various environments that evoke certain moments in the region. Antique furniture, paintings, documents and objects of use are some of the elements that take the visitor to the nineteenth century.

26 27 28

Museo del Área Fundacional
Inside you can appreciate an underground chamber containing archaeological remains of Cabildo main administrative institution mendocino-colonial government that was destroyed by the earthquake of March 20, 1861 – and the remains of the Municipal Slaughterhouse and Fruit Fair and vegetables, which were built on the ruins of the first building.

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Hotel & Spa Termas Cacheuta
Hotel Termas Cacheuta guarantees you relax and disconnect from everyday problems, for immersion in the mountains, its thermal pools along the Rio Mendoza, and lack of senial of cell, making it possible to enjoy a full day of break … The hot springs are the main wealth of Hotel by the marvelous scenery. These come from the earth’s crust, carrying all the minerals in their path.



Bodega Séptima
SEPTIMA Winery’s vineyards are located in34 the area of Agrelo, in the wonderful province of Mendoza by the majestic Andes mountain range. The winery offers a wide variety of still and sparkling Argentine wines. Its architecture and construction style, the materials used and the arrangement of spaces make the place an indisputable reference among the recent generation of wineries in Mendoza. The wine cellar of 5500 m2 has a capacity of 3,000,000 bottles. The construction has been inspired by the ancestral dry-stone wall system, a technique to build walls widely used by the native huarpes that consists in stacking up natural stones.35
SEPTIMA Winery, with over 150 ha of cultivated land and balanced levels of production, offers a wide range of products for delicious sparkling wine and good wine lovers.


Cavas Wine Lodge
Mendoza is the heart of Argentina´s wine country.
Over 900 wineries stand up in this vast region at the foothills of the Andes.
Fabulous landscapes for outdoor activities, great weather -over 320 days of sun a year- and very friendly people are some of the irresistible aspects of the region Cavas Wine Lodge is the first Lodge of its kind in South America, blessed by the natural beauty of Mendoza, an idyllic wine growing region at the foot of the Andes.

37 38 40 39

Bodega Catena Zapata
Blending different varietals, different lots and even different vintages is an art as old as winemaking itself. In Bordeaux, the blending of the famous five – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec – is a centuries old art. Each component is thought to add a level of complexity to the wine.41
Over the past 20 years, Nicolás and Laura Catena and their vineyard management team have worked tirelessly in the discovery, identification and development of key microclimates in the high altitude wine country of Mendoza, Argentina. Nicolás Catena has planted an almost countless number of varietals and clones throughout his mountain vineyard sites.


Country Club Living

La Vacretie Contry Golf Mendoza
It consists of 118 acres with 438 lots of 1100 m2 average has varied sports infrastructure. The particular feature is the landscape where vineyards and groves combine with the imposing figure of the mountain Cordon del Plata in Andes.

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Andino Golf Clube
The beauty of the links of the Golf Club Andino, harmonized and harmonizes beautifully with your social edifice, built in 1935 and recently refurbished. Something to note is its proximity to the city center, as only a few blocks separate him from it.

48 47

Art Shows

Casa de Fader
Mondoexplorer invites you to discover Mendoza and its culture.
Here you will find all the events that take place in Mendoza: art exhibitions, music, dance, poetry, theater plays…

49 50

Points of Interest

General San Martin Park
Our good General San Martin has his very own namesake park in Mendoza. The urban green space is a beauty and premier al fresco lunch destination, preferably with good local wine of course.

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Cerro Aconcagua
The Aconcagua, the highest mountain in America, not only attracts thousands of climbers every year, but also a stunning setting for walkers who enjoy a day or a weekend around. Get all the information here.

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