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Top 5 Interior Designers in Russia

5 Top Interior Designers in Russia

5 Top Interior Designers in Russia ⇒ Russia is a country filled with amazing design talent. Best Design Guides brings you our 5 top interior designers in Russia you can’t miss!


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Antonovich Design Studio

5 Top Interior Designers in Russia
Credits: Antonovich Design Studio

The founders of the Antonovich Design Studio based in Russia are Angelica and Oleg Prudnikov. The lead designer is Angelica Prudnikova, and their Russian office is located in Moscow. The designer develops incredible and luxurious projects, from Art Deco and tender neoclassicism to modern minimalism or hi-tech. Always variating in style, they still maintain the design identity intact through innovative design. They display more than a hundred new projects, among which are apartments and houses of famous people. For instance, Prudnikova designed the interior of the house for star duet Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolskaya together with design master Roberto Cavalli.


Ekaterina Fedorchenko

5 Top Interior Designers in Russia
Credits: Ekaterina Fedorchenko

Decorator Ekaterina Fedorchenko has been designing interiors since 1998. Its portfolio includes more than 100 completed projects: apartments, country estates, penthouses, representative offices. She works for Russian clients and knows their tastes. Its interiors can be made in any style from French classicism of the 19th century, through Russian modern, from New York Art Deco of the 1920s to modern minimalism. Ekaterina sees her task in listening to the customer, understanding him and creating a house that fully meets his expectations.


Katerina Lashmanova

5 Top Interior Designers in Russia
Credits: Katerina Lashmanova

Katerina Lashmanova is an interior designer from Moscow that has been making waves on a worldwide scale. Inspired by modern classic concepts, Katerina Lashmanova is all about comfortable spaces, beautiful colour palettes and harmonious shapes. With an outstanding portfolio, she brings alive charming interior design projects that make us want to get up from our chairs and leave.


Oleg Klodt

5 Top Interior Designers in Russia
Credits: Oleg Klodt

Based in Moscow, Architectural Design Studio of Oleg Klodt it’s a world-class interior design firm, that features a large spectrum of projects for private homes and apartments, hotels, restaurants, and shops. Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova are the artists behind this amazing design company, where they share an eclectic and high-quality design.


Tatyana Myronova

5 Top Interior Designers in Russia
Credits: Tatyana Myronova

Famous for her exquisite luxury interiors in the American Neoclassical style, Tatyana Myronova reflects that design on each project, mixing it with a reflection of the outstanding personality of the space’s owner. With an extensive portfolio of exquisite design projects, Myronova continues to be an inspiration and a sounding name in the world of Russian interior design.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of top interior designers in Russia!



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