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Best Design Guides | Cannes

Are you planning a travel to Cannes and you need same advices? Here you have all you need to now about Hotels, Restaurants and Art&Culture places

Top Hotels in Cannes

1. Hotel de Provence

 Best hotels in Cannes 1

In the heart of Cannes you will find for sure the best place to take arrest with very friendly people.

Website: http://www.hotel-de-provence.com/en/

Adress: 9 rue Moliere, 06400 Cannes, França

2. Hotel des Allees

Best hotels in Cannes 2

Descrition: In Hotel des Alles you will have a fantastic accommodation with an amazing landscape.

Website: http://www.hotel-des-allees.com/

Adress: 6, rue Emile Negrim, 06400 Cannes, França

3. Villa Garbo

Best hotels in Cannes 3

Descrition: A quiet and cozy atmosphere in the heart of Cannes

Website: http://www.villagarbo-cannes.com/en

Adress: 62 blvd de l’Alsace, 06400 Cannes, França

4. Hotel Le Cavendish

Best hotels in Cannes 4

Descrition: Located a few steps away from the famous Croisette and the luxurious shops in rue d’Antibes, Le Cavendish 4* hotel in Cannesoffers an intimate getaway in a refined and cozy setting.

Website: http://www.cavendish-cannes.com/en

Adress: 11 Boulevard Carnot, 06400 Cannes, França

5. Hotel Albert 1er Cannes

Best hotels in Cannes 5

Descrition: A piecefull hotel with warmfull people. Try it!

Website: http://www.hotel-albert1er-cannes.com/

Adress: 68 avenue de Grasse, 06400 Cannes, França


Top Restaurants in Cannes

1. Le Salon des Independants

Best restaurants in Cannes 1

Descrition: The best restaurant for families with children’s, romantic dinner, big groups, traditional kitchen, special moments.

E-mail: lesalondesindependants@yahoo.com

Adress: 11, rue Louis Perrissol, 06400 Cannes, França

2. Plage Belle PLage

Best restaurants in Cannes 2

Descrition: The best restaurant in Cannes for a meal with sea landscape!!

Website: http://belleplage.net/

Adress: Bd Jean Hibert – 06400 CANNES

3. Aux P’tits Anges

Best restaurants in Cannes 3

Descrition: The best restaurant for a French food day.

Website: http://auxptitsanges.blogspot.pt/

Adress: 4, rue Marceau, Cannes, França

4. La Table du Chef

Best restaurants in Cannes 4

Descrition: Excelent French food with fantástic environment

Fone: 04 93 68 27 40

Adress: 5 Rue Jean Daumas, 06400 Cannes, França

5. Il convivio

Best restaurants in Cannes 5

Descrition: Do you like Italien food? You have to try this restaurant!

E-mail: conviviocannes@voila.fr

Adress: 6 Boulevard Montfleury, 06400 Cannes, França


Top Art&Culture in Cannes

1. Le Suquet

Best Art&Culture in Cannes 1

Descrition: Go for a walk in Le Suquet and see historic neighbourhood.

2. Galerie de Cannes

Best Art&Culture in Cannes 2

Descrition: On the French Riviera, the Gallery “Galerie de Cannes” has been exhibiting paintings and sculptures of contemporary artists, modern as well as classical, for more than 20 years.

Adress: 111 rue d’Antibes – 06400 Cannes

3. Musee de la Castre

Best Art&Culture in Cannes 3

Descrition: Located on the heights of Le Suquet, the historic district of Cannes, in the remains of the medieval castle, museum Castre dominates the Croisette, the bay and the Lerins Islands.

Website: http://www.cannes.com/fr/culture/musee-de-la-castre.html

Adress: Le Suquet, 06400 Cannes, França

4. Musee de la Mer

Best Art&Culture in Cannes 4

Descrition: Located in the Royal Fort on Île Sainte-Marguerite, in the bay of Cannes, the Sea Museum is a museum of underwater and land archeology.

Website: http://www.cannes.com/fr/culture/musee-de-la-mer.html

Adress: Fort Royal | Ile Ste-Maguerite, 06400 Cannes, França

5. Villa Domergue

Best Art&Culture in Cannes 5

Descrition: Inspired by the Venetian palace, the painter Jean-Gabriel Domergue drew this art deco villa in 1934. You should see the Mediterranean terraced gardens, ponds and waterfalls.

Website: http://www.cannes.com/fr/cadre-de-vie/patrimoine/hotels-et-belles-demeures/villa-domergue.html

Adress: 15 avenue Fiesole 06400 Cannes


Top Shops in Cannes

1. Marche Forville

Best Shops in Cannes 1

Descrition: Marche Forville is a popular and attractive little market where the locals come to get their hands on the best quality local produce around.

Website: http://publicmarkets.com/marche-forville-cannes-france/

Adress: 12 Rue Louis Blanc, 06400 Cannes

2. Rue d’ Antibes

Best Shops in Cannes 2

Descrition: Rue d’Antibes is located in the very heart of Cannes, and is the place to come if luxury shopping is your game.

Website: http://www.cannes.com/fr/decouvrir-cannes/visiter-cannes/rue-d-antibes.html

3. Galerie marchande Gray d’Albion

Best Shops in Cannes 3

Descrition: Not an art gallery, but actually a shopping center, Galerie marchande Gray d’Albion is the biggest such place in Cannes, filled with every type of chic and stylish boutique you could possibly imagine.

Website: http://www.stay.com/cannes/shopping/22578/galerie-marchande-gray-d-albion/

4. Hugo Boss

Best Shops in Cannes 4

Descrition: Hugo Boss is the famous German fashion designer and boutique and they have their very own exclusive store in Cannes, on the famous Boulevard de la Croisette.

Website: www.hugoboss.com/

Adress: 63, boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes

5. En Sortant de l’École

Best Shops in Cannes 5

Descrition: En Sortant de l’École is a place where you can relive your childhood – a wonderful toy store that your kids will simply love. Expect to find not only quality toys here, but interesting and sometimes rare ones too.

Website: sortantdelecole.canalblog.com/

Adress: 18, rue Notre-Dame, Cannes


Top Night Life in Cannes

1. VIP Room

Best Night Life in Cannes

Descrition:The VIP Room is a super-chic nightclub, probably the most exclusive of all such venues in Cannes. You’ll need to exceptional luck to get through the door but dress up smart and it might just be worth it!

Website: www.viproom.fr

Adress: place Franklin Roosevelt,, Cannes

2. Le Baoli

Best Night Life in Cannes 2

Descrition: During the magic of the Cannes Film Festival there is no better place to hang out thanLe Baoli if you want to meet the movers and shakers.

Website: www.lebaoli.com/

Adress: boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes

3. Zanzi Bar

Best Night Life in Cannes 3

Descrition: One of the most famous gay nightclubs in the city is Zanzi Bar. Even though this club has only been opened a few years it has already become the premier gay nightclub in Cannes.

Website: www.lezanzibar.com/

Adress: 85, Rue Felix Faure, Cannes

4. 3.14 Resto-Bar-Club

Best Night Life in Cannes 4

Descrition:3.14 Resto-Bar-Club is a great place to hold a party. The facility has a modern look and feel that can be changed to suit your needs. The facility can also help with DJs, a stage, hostesses, and security.

Website: www.314cannes.com/resto-bar-club/

Adress: 5 Rue François Einesy, , Cannes

5. Gotha Club

Best Night Life in Cannes 5

Descrition: Gotha Club is a trendy Cannes night club that features DJs and many popular performers. It is run by the former managers of the popular Palais club. 

Website: www.gotha-club.com/

Adress: Palm Beach, Cannes


Top Events in Cannes

1. Cannes Festival

Best events in Cannes 1

Descrition: Cannes Festival was created in 1946 by Jean Zay and it’s one of the most famous Internactional Cinema  Festivals in the world.

Website: http://www.festival-cannes.com/pt.html

Next Edition: 13th-24th May 2015

Adress: 3, rue Amélie, 5007 Paris – France


Enjoy your travel a lot and share your opinion with us!


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