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Must-try food in Copenhagen

We hope you didn’t forget – 13th of August is the begging of Scandinavian style design fair Northmodern. We want you to bring the best memories from Denmark’s capital Copenhagen where the event takes place. So Best design guide prepared a list of the best staple food here to try. Let’s see what we’ve got!

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If we translate it literally, it would mean “butter and bread”. It’s basically truth just that this combination include some additives. The ingredients for this sandwich usually includes a piece of buttered rye bread with piece of meat (of fish), cheese, vegetables and spread. Common meats include salted beef, chopped liver, roast beef, roast pork and slices of cold salmon. Topping can range from thinly sliced cheese, sliced cucumber, tomato, boiled eggs, red onion, asparagus and diced carrots.



The name is the Danish word for hot dog stand and you can find it in every corner of Copenhagen. Here you can find two different kinds of hotdogs: a Riset and a Franskdog. A Riset comes inside a bun and is topped with pickled cucumber, crispy onions, mustard, ketchup and sweet mayo. It reminds American ones, just with a much longer and skinnier sausage. The Franskdog is a baguette filled with tangy mayo and a hotdog stuffed inside. They are both delicious and really cheap.


Stegt Flæsk

One of the most traditional Denmark’s food, usually described as pork fat in parsley sauce. Treditionally it is fried bacon served with potatoes, parsley sauce and red beets. It can also be served cold on a Danish rye bread as and open sandwich or as a separate meal with side dishes like red cabbage, prunes, and pickled cucumber.



It’s kind of Danish version of meatballs. Althought you can find meatballs in many Europe’s regions like Germany, Norway, Poland, Russia, Estonia and The Netherlands, but here it is said to be the best ones. It is made from minced meat, chopped onions, eggs, milk, bread crumbs, salt, pepper and then formed into little balls. When serving usually includes red cabbage and pickled beetroots.



The English translation would be “million steak”. It is so because it’s Danish beef that is cut into many small piece and commonly served over mashed potatoes, pasta or rice. The seasoning may differ but usually it is onions, pepper or paprika.

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So now that you have a list, let’s try one or maybe even all these delicious mouth-watering staple food of Denmark!

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