Iraqi cuisine has a long history going back 10.000 years to the Sumerians Akkadians, Babylonians. Tablets in the ruins left by ancient peoples show recipes prepared in the temples during religious festivals, in reality they were the first cookbooks in the world made by Iraqi.

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Mesopotamia was the home of many dazzling and sophisticated civilizations, highly advanced in their times, in all fields of knowledge, including the culinary.

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Iraqi value arab traditions of hospitality, to honor even the unexpected guest with the best food, drink, service and many other noble attributes.

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With a menu that features an appetizing assemblage of Iraqi dishes, Masgouf offers a delicious burst of distinctive flavours influenced by the Sumerians Akkadians, Babylonians and ancient Persians.

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Having the Knightsbridge Café in the same location makes Masgouf Restaurant the perfect location to have a perfect day to relax and enjoy the sightseen of Dubai. At the new location, guests can enjoy amazing food, accentuated by lush surroundings and spectacular views.

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