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Alegre – One of the Best Restaurants in Sofia

You’re strolling down Sofia’s streets and your stomach begins to tighten? Want to try Latin-American food and you don’t know where to go? Just don’t worry, be happy, they say. Or, as one of the Top restaurants in Sofia calls itself, be Alegre.

Alegre Entrance

Alegre, happy in english, is an excellent idea for you to immerse in the culture and culinary delights of exotic locations around the world from Sofia; in fact, it is the ideal solution for open minded people who love to travel through the palate. Is that every two months, the menu features a different region of the world.

Alegre 1

All Fridays and Saturdays the restaurant Alegre features guests such as Irene Vasquez and musical group SaXapille who offers a little caliente y latino touch to your experience.

Alegre 4

One of the best characteristics of Alegre is the wine list. Here you can find the best selection of local wines and a list that includes the best wines at international level as well. Italy, Argentina, Chile, Spain are just some of the countries you can “drink”.

In short, Alegre is perfect for those who are looking for a relaxed atmosphere, world flavors and a bit of latin fun.

Visite website here:

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