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7 reasons to fall in love with Istanbul

If you are wondering where to spend your precious holiday time, Best design guides are always ready to give you some suggestions. This time we came up with idea about beautiful Turkey and its secret gem – capital Istanbul. Wonder why? Just imagine: fabulous spacious beaches, ancient heritage, mouth-watering food and the hottest weather. What can be more perfect for holiday season? More than that, we have a bunch of other proofs about its perfection, so get ready to be even more tempted!

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The city of Four Empires

Many are amazed by the beauty of Rome and its ancient style, but in fact Istanbul was even larger and more influential than Rome, so you should imagine what the beauty the city keeps. Nevertheless, Istanbul was the capital city of four empires: the Roman, the Byzantine, The Latin and Ottoman, so it has are rich history what is not so hard to notice!


The city of contrast

Istanbul is where the east meets west and you can just imagine what a big cultural variety gathers here. Here you can see clouds crossing skyscrapers as well as old churches, mosques and synagogues.


City of amazing landmarks

Beautiful churches from the Byzantine era as well as from other ones make city spectacular for landmarks’ seekers. And who hasn’t heard about Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazzar?


The city of fabulous food

The mix of the cultures also influenced Istanbul’s cuisine. Here you will find the mix of Eastern and Western food. You can enjoy typical Turkish food with its delicious mezes and meat or fish dishes or try many of fabulous Turkish sweets. Also don’t forget to try raki – the traditional anise drink.


The city with a lively nightlife

Thanks to city’s perfect location, many nightlife spots are situated just by the Bosphorus or on a rooftops, suggesting the marvelous skyline with a glass of precious Turkish wine.


City of serious shopping

Grand bazzar is the staple place to visit in Turkey and if you like making bargains it’s the must-visit place for you. Or you can easily go to one of the many modern shopping centers spread all over the city.


City of breathtaking panorama

Here there are plenty places to enjoy the stunning panorama of Istanbul, but one of the best spot to do that is hiding on the top of Galata tower with the ability to see 360 panoramic view.


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So we think that Best design guides suggested you enough reasons to visit beautiful Istanbul. Just go ahead and spend some amazing time here!

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