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6 Must-visit desserts restaurant in Sydney

Sydney is amazing place to visit, not only because of the nicest design events (on 13th of August it will be Sydney Indesign), good food, spectacular bars and so on, but also because of desserts! And hardly now you can find a person who wouldn’t prefer to please himself with a piece of sweet reward. So let’s get your reward for tiring week. This Friday Best design guides suggest you the best Sydney restaurant for the sweet tooth.

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What are the best ice creams you have ever tried? We believed that there is hardly an ice cream on earth that can compete with the Hartsyard’s ones. Just imagine ice-creams dipped in chocolate, dotted with balls of cookie dough and sporting whipped cream, warm chocolate sauce and crushed M&M’s. this place make sure that no sugar receptor is left behind.



If you want a real choc-attack, you should try affogato – traditional shot of coffee over a scoop of ice cream. Try the ones with stracciatella (choc chip gelato) or change the coffee with hot chocolate for even more indulging experience.


Chat Thai

If you look for the perfect night time dessert, this place can suggest you one. It’s deep friend banana fritters in a dense, sesame seed laden batter enveloping sweet, syrupy hot fruit and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Cremeria de Luca

It’s truth, Sydney’s desserts is a lot about ice-creams. And Cremeria de Luca proofs that even more. Have you tried gelato burgers? Here you can! But more than this they serve sweet arancini, balsamic panna cotta as well as cinnamon and zabaglione frozen confections.


Doughbox Diner

Here you can find crisp crepe cones stuffed with savory topping what sounds just like a good excuse for the dessert. But as well here you can try a chocolate thickshake topped with whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry and a hot fudge sundae.



Have you heard about Hungarian chimney cakes? It’s golden brown cylinders of sugar-crusted pastry, which you should definitely it in the morning so that you would have time to work it off.


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Now the only problem is how to just. But don’t worry, just follow your gut instincts and enjoy your marvelous Friday!

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